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I Paid a Gamer Cam Girl To Play Games With Me

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Paid some random gamer girl to play games with me, hope you enjoy!
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  1. Does anyone know what exact stream date this interaction was from

  2. I'm binge watching papa joi video 10/10 quality

  3. even i play better then her for being silver 1 she may have bigger lips but im more autistic

  4. Man I discovered this channel recently and I wish I discovered it way earlier

  5. Havent laughed likes this for long time ❤️

  6. I watched this at 3 am and had to Laugh so hard at the Yahudi Part

  7. "You are a silver wdym?"
    "Still have more kills than you" 😂😂

  8. I lost it when he said his name is yahudi😂😂

  9. these are my energy doses when im 1.high 2. havent slept 3.stoned 4. played cs

  10. 8:15 – Sounds like Jahody – strawberries translated to english from czech 😀

  11. This is the best hiring a girl gamer video ever not spin just pure comedy

  12. Lmao I love that girl because she don't give a fuck if u paid or not, she's talking to u like a friend

  13. can u answer the question if a egirl say "whats your name" and ur answer is gonan be "my name is garbage"

  14. Why did u put Palastininian's flag instead of isreal flag !!

  15. Comedy fucking gold! Is this his actual personality

  16. LOL he said his name is Yahudi. If youu understood basic Arabic, you know… 😂💀😂💀

  17. 12 dollars for a game of cs, women on recruit mode

  18. Damn, just found your channel and is it fun! I watched few videos and I laugh at every single one. Keep it up buddy!

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