How to beat the DEATH GAME in “Magical Girl Raising Project” -

How to beat the DEATH GAME in “Magical Girl Raising Project”

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If you were turned into a magical girl out of nowhere, what would you do? This popular game is turning everyone’s dreams into reality, but it’s hiding a deadly secret. I’m going to break down the mistakes made, what you should do and HOW TO BEAT the DEATH GAME in Magical Girl Raising Project.

Narrated by Griffin
Directed by Albert Pranoto and Dom Jeswal
Written by Dom Jeswal
Edited by Albert Pranoto
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  1. How to beat the DEATH GAME in “Magical Girl Raising Project”? It's simple. Just insert Snow White from Black/White arc here (instead of 1st arc Snow White).

  2. Watching just in case we all get idekaid 😌🤷‍♀️

  3. Im actually a HUGE magical girl fan
    My favourite magical girl shows are
    Pretty cure
    Glitter force
    And card captor sakura
    Tysm I needed this

  4. The reason why the immortal girl is depressed is simple.

    Rules of Anime: If you can't die, you have to be emo and sad.

  5. I'm still waiting for magical moms train daughters to become the next magical girl or magical mom has failed over and over to produce a daughter to inherit her former position of magical girl and must ask one of the sons to take up the magical girl mantle. I'd love to see an anime where magical girl becomes a mom and still actively does her magical girl duties on the side. Housewife magical mom. Working mom magical mom. I need these like yesteryear. 👏👏👏

  6. I remember crying sooo much when Top Speed died. The way Hardgore Alice died was so sad too. She had such a sad life.

  7. Hm… couldn't Alice have just… proceeded to transform into her magical girl form before dying, thus reversing her death?

  8. Wait. A killing game with 15 people, one hiding and a black and white mascot? Sounds very familiar

  9. La Purcell I love and respect you

    But also why are you playing the game?

  10. I loved this anime it was a great horror story plus I love the cute creepy vibe to it plus it’s a nice dark wlw Yuri

  11. I just realized the color of favs is the same color as monokuma im Danganronpa

  12. The entire concept of a "magical girl" has been retroactively erased from Dr. Jack Bright's memory, and proactively removed. SCP-963 does not transform one into a magical girl, no matter what Dr. Bright says.

  13. I think Swim Swim would have won the game if she took time to learn the weaknesses of her abilities and it's strengths.

  14. how could they kill la pucelle he was the best

  15. Sister Nana and Weiss were too precious for this show

  16. I like how you put a Simp over the girl head lol

  17. I truly love how this anime ended. Very satisfying except for Sister Nana being dumb.
    Also Calamity Mary wasn't innocent. She was a monster.

  18. this anime is insane😭 i thought it's just a fun game

  19. I have seen this anime and it was so sad

  20. I'm only five minutes in and this is literally Danganronpa magical girl edition

    Black and White mascot is going to kill off/expect the others to kill off each other.

    LYING black and white mascot, excuse me

    Also a mystery girl, right down to a 16th stu- I mean magical girl

    Also it's madoka Magica with limited resources being fought over

  21. Madoka watching from the atmosphere : "My successors is Fked up."

  22. When I first watch the video I was
    confused. And I was thinking of myself(that’s not a death game it’s an anime movie or series for all ages)

  23. My brain: Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki

  24. Pov: hardgore alice actually maxed out her defense.

  25. Sucks to be swimswim. Played the game as dirty as possible and just dies in the end.

  26. If you know how much i hate loli's i love this anime beacuse they die one by one

  27. there some inconsistency in your resume: I guess you don't want to spoil the story but let me clear them out so spoilers ahead.

    That item was not a key chain it was a rabbit foot, a luck charm item that boost luck, and as the description reads "can change the outcomes of an bad event if you are up to use it"

    swims swim didn't send a "robotic nana", it was one of the twin angles who transform into nana, (the one who could transform into any living being) wile the the other twin transform into a knife (the other one who could transform into any inanimate object) and was stabbed by the fake nana directly in her heart, WP was bleeding to death with that strike, she only cold fight long enough to kill one of the twins before dying, Swim Swim cut the arm she use to make the wall, stopping her attacks right there and then.

    Calamity started killing civilians after Top speed and Ripple manege to get away and escape, she did it for them to return and keep fighting her, she use innocent bystanders as a way to make them come back.

    One of the twins, the remaining one as the other one was kill by WP… transform into an axe and hurl herself aiming towards snow white but Dark Alice got in her way and got the strike head on.

    Snow white powers is to hear the anguish thought of those in need. Tama was trouble to kill SW and she heard her, but Tama though she could see her. and chicken out. SW had the luck of a million suns, and the thing is she has a rabbit foot so that explains a lot.

    Nana commit the unthinkable after losing her love, winter prison, she didn't want to live anymore. maybe because guilt as was because of her the reason WP play the game in the first place.

    a terrible miscalculation here because after the announcement of the MG to be reduced to 7 and that even though those 7 where under the initial quota was again reduced from 7 to 4, it was not 3 against 1, it was 3 against 4 Ripple, Snow, Alice vs Swim, Tama, Angel2 and Cranberry. The fact Swim went to get Cranberry and not the others was also a struck of luck for Snow, as Cranberry was a very tough opponent.

    Snow lost it, after she was dishearten of all the death and pain the game has cause her and the others, and said Magical girls don't exist, that they are all evil, but Alice keep insisting there was at least ONE magical girl in the game, Alice was referring to Snow, the only true magical girl. but she didn't get it and just told Alice to stop bothering her and never talk to her again. After that Alice was planing to end her life, because all the reasons she had to become a MG was to be with Snow for being the only person to gave her hope and a reason to live, in her world of death and abandonment. she even made a testament and all that , damn this anime is really is dark…

    Kyouki heard Alice anguish of not returning the "key chain", rabbit foot, Also Alice could not transform to her magical form as she left her device to do so, at home to go to school. the only reason Swim find her in her human form was because Angel2 transform into her bunny stuff animal when she was helping SM to rescue the victims of Calamity. Angle learn her true human appearance and location. Swim went to kill her in her human form as otherwise will had been impossible to kill.

    Cranberry power was sound, and cold hear Angel2 heart beat and could identify her and kill her as a rock instantly, in the manga Angel2 transform into a chain to imprison her, but she brake the chains and brake Angel2 body who return as a dismembered corps.

    Cranberry use a sound wave to knock out swim swim, her body was water so no way to strike her down unless you rend her unconscious. Tamas power was to dig 3 meter diameter holes with only a scratch. once she was distracted Tama scratch Cranberries torso and so made a big hole on her and well… kill her in the most horrible way possible…

    after the death of Tama, cranberry and Angel2, there was no reason to keep killing each other and the candy count was not important. however, because swim was the master and she didn't want to listen Fav , fav got pissed and fuel the hatred of ripple towards Swim for killing Top speed, and even told her her weakness to get rid of her. Ripple agree to face her one on one.

    truly Snow white got there late and both Ripple and Swim where dead, Ripple kill her in her human form but was blinded by her blood and use her touch to locate the girls body to stab her before collapsing by her wounds. But her rabbit foot fall near Ripple and this device return Ripple back to life and stop the bleeding.

    Snow withe heard the anguish of Fave seeing ripple return back and was clutching the magic sword "ruler" as that magical weapon could easily brake the magical core device. And snow white hear it and so ask Ripple to brake it. killing Fav once and for all. or maybe only the mean to communicate?

    Last to clarify the rules, the original rules stated that after a magical girl quit the game, or was dismiss, their thought was to be erased of ever being one and continue living a normal life, however! cranberry after turning into a master set another rules which fav was delighted with; cranberry only wanted to fight the strongest magical girls, and being the master she could do that twisting the rules to her convenience, was because Cranberry this game turn to be a blood bath death game. and once she die that rule was , overrule, however Fav wanted to continue with that and ask Swim swim to read the rules, but she was not interested, isntead priories to do her home work over playing. The reason Fav went to ripple to make her kill Swim swim saying she was "crazy", when the fact was she was a 7 year old child who saw all this as a game and a way for her to become a princess like Ruler was.

    So in resume, the way to win this game was to kill the master and change the rules as they was before so nobody gets hurt.

  28. How to be a magical girl
    Becoming a soulbind wizard.

  29. Anime where you collect candy to survive and have powers why that reminds me of another good anime 🙂 ?

  30. 1. Never trust the art or the cover because sometime they fooled you thinking this innocent anime but it does goes dark so quick

  31. Funny thing is this Anime is on funny but on fortunately I can't seem to watch it. It's like watching a hunger games in Anime please tell me I'm not the only one thinking of this.

  32. Ay thanks for watching everyone! I hope you guys enjoy this weeks video! We are trying to get back to Wednesday's release days again but what can you do. We have to watch a lot of animes to make each videos so we are trying our best haha. Do you guys have any suggestions for us? Thaaaanks! – Albie

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