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Horror Game Where A Girl Delivers News For The Last Time – Channel 7

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Channel 7 is a horror game where a journalist visits a town and discovers a news story she shouldn’t have.

Game Info:

“A sinking feeling.”

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  1. It's going to be inappropriate, but the title of this vid and it's thumbnail reminded me of Bryce "Sent the blonde to the great beyond" Williams lmao

  2. 3:32 Well, some IDIOT parked their van at the DEAD END of said alley! You wouldn't even be able to turn the van around (without difficulty), you're going to have to reverse your way out of the alley!

  3. looks like some dark reality show. sad thing is that this kind of thing do exist in real life.

  4. Oh my, I remember Netscape Explorer fr way back then. Twas my #1 browser until it got supplanted by Firefox. Now I use both FF and Chrome, altho I recently added Opera to my Web toolset.

  5. The news lady looks like a bunch of kids sitting on each others shoulders in a trench coat.

  6. that's a real fancy sausage factory or whatever.. i'm kidding. wait, what?

  7. so….this is some illegal snuff content someone is profiting from?

  8. I've said it before and I'll say it again: If you're going to do a Let's Play, don't act like you're actually in the game.

  9. Lol the amount of time between step sound effects and the distance you travel between them make it look like my guy has 12ft legs also it would have been funny if she threw the water bottle in the lake and then started reporting on the trash 😂

  10. a long time that I don't had heard this interference sound effect

  11. ok now imagine a whole country that's forced to play this game in the real life where they show murders, bloody wars and internationally banned weapons to the world at the risk of their lives


  12. The only thing that I'll remember is that Manly didn't close the van's door at the start

  13. 3:51 lmao isnt it illegal to trade firearms, especially if you dont have an licence

  14. If you look hard enough tou can see yourube in there😂😂

  15. The murderers weapon-What even was that?

  16. The title made me flashback to that irl reporter got mudered on air by a former employee.

  17. It's funny that the internet used to have ads on tv.

  18. This seems to be based on the "red room" rumors that spread around the internet during the early 2000s. It was this idea that there were video streams on the dark web where viewers could pay to choose how the person being filmed was tortured or killed. Today, we have a very centralized world wide web, but that wasn't the case in the 90s and early/mid 2000s. If someone was part of the 2000s internet culture, they're probably familiar with the idea. Well, that was what the game made me think of anyway.

  19. Normally I'm pretty forgiving of horror scenarios. But this one was too ridiculous and contrived to even remotely be scary. So many things were poorly strung together and were too unbelievable.

    Parking the Van in a dark alleyway rather than by the side of the road.
    Not just throwing the trashbag ontop of the other trashbags in the alley. No one would go find a different one.
    Someone not hearing that the door to their apartment opened. lol. Especially one that small.
    Going to some weird-ass factory to talk about unemployment?
    Not parking the Van as CLOSE to the gate as you can get.

    So many things just took me out of it, and ruined the "horror" factor for me.

  20. “This is Trisha Takanowa, Diane I’m hearing gets hit by sign 😂😂😂

  21. The throwback to 90s Australian television at the start was some pleasantly unexpected nostalgia

  22. Manly has many voices….they are all excellent and work well in everything he plays…I remember the Night in the Woods voices he used. Wish I could hear the full dB range like back in the day though…I lose a lot of tone and clarity with voices but I can still get the gist of it all for now. Thanks for this video, these are rather interesting styles of games I would probably never know about unless I was here.

  23. Once you've been so long on the internet is horrible to think and know that what happens on this game is inspired of things that happen on gore websites almost everyday and even more exaggerated at times

  24. It's Tom.

    Tom is live streaming people being murdered and set them up as the next victims.

    That's why Tom called her to ask about the "unemployment piece" because he already knew she hasn't done it and he was tired of waiting for her to show up.

    Then they arrive , Tom triggers the bridge to collapse.

    He intercepts her cell phone call with the equipment he set up for livestreaming, it's why she was surprised that her signal was so strong,and told her not to worry because the helicopter was coming.

    Then he let them wander around awhile , but they split up and Tom lost track of where the reporter was.

    So….when she called him, Tom had her run straight to him.

    The two cars you see earlier are Tom's associates checking up on his location.

    *Collapsing the bridge and setting up equipment to intercept cell phones are contingency plans in case one of them made it out of the building alive, they wouldn't be able to call for help or drive away.

  25. Lmao, a red room stream??? How deep does that run? Because Tom was "supposed" to be there and wasn't listed as a disappearance. I'm guessing that the architecture is to make the streams more Fun to watch. Maybe the news station bought the place to livestream red rooms for money???😊

  26. It seems like just bringing weapon of any sort would have made this avoidable. Screwdriver isn't really a great stabbing weapon.

  27. I see Amelia Watson in this…. {edit: I’m talking about the thumbnail}

  28. Wouldn't it be Channel 7 newsworthy to send out a crew to see the bridge being reconstructed every time after it has been destroyed so that its last victims couldn't escape?

  29. they’re in louisiana because baton rouge interesting idk if that becomes clear i just got to that part.

  30. 6:15: “shouldn’t we have walked back together?”
    well…you ARE the one wearing the red shirt. Surprised Linda didn’t ask for the keys.

  31. 7:13: LOL! So…this game developer definitely did his research on how news stations operate.

  32. 9:45: LOL! If it wasn’t clear before…here is when you KNOW the developer gave NO efs.
    9:55: ohmigoodness…the tree is in the middle of the “bridge”.😄👍
    10:08: oh…it was…a thing that needed to be there. 😐

  33. 15:30: the factory shut down “recently”…
    Lol…is there ONE unbroken window behind her??

  34. I live just outside of Baton Rouge so I was shocked to suddenly see "BATON ROUGE CENTROPLEX" on the screen. I had to look it up and learned that that was one of the old names for what is currently the Raising Cane's River Center

  35. Is poking fun at youtube the new "empty just like my soul"?

  36. 5:38 That casual Manly lore drop that Earth is not his only planet.

  37. I like how Erick chooses to park 7 kilometers away for no reason

  38. Welcome to the That's New Club how That's New are ya?

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