girls vs boys playing games -

girls vs boys playing games

Abert XD
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  1. Let's be honest the real winner here is the woman filming all of those guys.

  2. Ha and people say you wil get fat playing video game then explain him running a mile 😂🤣

  3. 𝗔𝗿𝗷𝘂𝗻 𝗕𝗮𝗿𝗺𝗮𝗻 says:

    My mind :- I ran like this when I see ghost 👻🤣😂

  4. Is there such a setup in this world.?? I wasn't knowing that.!!

  5. I hope I'd run with that finesse if the time comes that I have to.

  6. Anyone has an idea what game the boys where playing? 😅

  7. To be fair she did pretty good 🤌🏻

  8. I was expecting this to be a "girls are bad at games lol hahaha" but I was mistaken, I actually really like this.

  9. That man forgot he was playing a game and ran for his life.


  11. She's firing the guns like she's offering a friend at school a pencil 😅

  12. Lets do this even more realistic
    *Buys armor that if you receive damage in the damage a bolt charge in reality*
    Lets play some Sky Wars…

  13. I once saw the boys meme with the caption "Me fighting in the Metaverse prison yard, where I'm doing time for screenshotting NFTs". It's accurate af.

  14. if you are wondering what game she was playing
    its Blood And Truth for the PSVR

  15. Moral of the story : guys get too involved in the game 🕹️🎮

  16. Ахахахаххаза наш русский сука! Не послышалось

  17. Remember boys, girls accuarcy of gunning is good only in-game

  18. Tbh the girls game was cool tho which game is it❤

  19. as a boy with a oculus quest 2, i can agree that i run like my life actually depends on it

  20. Unrealistic for women they are supposed to play cooking games.

  21. To be fair, they’re playing completely different games and on different VR set ups

  22. But these are just stereotypes. The girls i know are as silly as i am

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