Girls Vs boys basketball -

Girls Vs boys basketball

Raye Mckinney
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  1. I hate that lil leg step that girls do before they shoot lol. She couldn't even stop herself from doing it when she was imitating him 🤣

  2. You act more feminine than the female I can't differentiate 🤣

  3. Honestly the only thing you missed regarding the girls is how a lot of them throw their feet out in front of them when they do a jump shot. It's like they're forcing their feet forward thinking it'll give their shot some added "oomph" lol… I used to practice with my sisters AAU team and nearly every one of them did that lol

  4. At has been revealed that Dylan Zitkus has started the Fall Mode Invasion

  5. Lol 😂 the guy shake his but lol 😂 😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Worst reel ive ever seen seriously stupid and poorly acted out

  7. All of these are so true! Lol

  8. Girls when they get hit by a ball in the head😭
    Boys when they get hit by a ball in the head:huh😐

  9. As a girl that plays basketball, if I fall, or get slightly injured; I act like nothing happened lmao

  10. Let me tell you someone named Kobe Bryant was different irl and in the vid

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