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these are some of the most horrific games i’ve ever played.
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  1. No one else is concerned that YouTube not only monitors what you search, but then that information is available to some random person on YouTube? Not that eef is random and I don’t think he would do anything untoward but just think about some of the weirdos on here having access to that kind of info. I don’t like that.

  2. I basically grew up watching people play GGG

  3. Me: Wait, you turned down being tazed.
    Ethan: And what fucking proof do you have

  4. Ohhhh. This unlocked a childhood memory. I forgot my friend and I would play one of those kiss without getting caught games. Although we usually stuck to dress ups.

  5. I miss the kitchen escape room and yhe one about the horse, Chargwr Escape I think it was? Also the Sara's Cooking Class games were fun

  6. I remember being fully obsessed with this game and played it everyday. I also named all of my users *deadname*gogirl 💀

  7. I don't want to play these games, but you poor, poor guy…. it was so much fun to empathize with your pain 🙂


    Edit: that scared me

  8. Laughing at Eef's pain makes me feel a little guilty, but then his agonized frantic pregnant princess dress clicking while crying out had my sides splitting all over again.

    Omg… that was so worth it!! 😂

  9. Laughing at Eef's pain makes me feel a little guilty, but then his agonized frantic pregnant princess dress clicking while crying out had my sides splitting all over again.

    Omg… that was so worth it!! 😂

  10. I remember when I was young, we only had pocket WiFi so my siblings and I each only get 1 hour of internet time. I always spend mine playing in Y8 and Girls Go Games cause the internet was slow, so I can play more games there in a short time. This video brings me nostalgia.

  11. What’s The Channel Called? Podcast says:

    Ethan absolutely cracks me up! Dude doesn’t disappoint

  12. I wanna see him play some of the kissing games XD ooooooo or some of the crazy episodes on episode!

  13. Brooo this site is part of my CHILDHOOD… It got me into management games, there were some cool ones on there. The amount of pink on this site is ungodly though

  14. I grew up playing GGG'S 🤣 it was not this unhinged 15 yrs ago

  15. i thought this was ethan from markipliers unnus annus and some other vids
    , or is it

  16. Omg I used to play on this website all the time when I was little 😭💀

  17. GGGs was the absolute best, I was crazy about playing those surgery games, the one with the school girls and laser eyes, and the cooking games.

  18. On the Barbie website, my absolute favorite game was the hair salon one. All the feels 😌

  19. i used to play the puzzle/strategy games, the pet games, and beauty games all the time. super sucks that it turned into an ice queen-ruled, ad-riddled game/content farm. hopefully those old games are still there

  20. i never played this website. i was on the internet in 09' and I used to play like car games and they were my favorite. this tho… horrifying what have they done to the free games tummy achy now

  21. This was my shit back in the day, too bad it's weird now

  22. omg. i was laughing so hard thru this whole fuckin video. Pllleasse do this again😭😭

  23. I used to play this crap like ALL the time.. Mostly the dress up and Surgery games 😅

  24. I’m not goop designer imma goopci designer it’s a higher quality and way better than Gucci

  25. i made the very bad choice of eating while watching this video

  26. god I remember playing on GGG when I was little on my old desktop LOL. I'm 25 now, feels weird seeing that this site is still alive and also what it's become omg

  27. Okay the response to “do you think this is gonna get flagged for kids” is to write FUCK all over the screen and show pictures of drugs and guns

    My god I’ve never laughed SO HARD

  28. Even as i child i knew something was wrong with those disgusting pregnant princesses games. GGG had some nice games i used to play but i prefered dating sims😂 everyone remember that one series of dating games that was made by one person? They improved by the last hame they made and i was very freaking obsessed lol

  29. I’ve never heard of GGG, but I did play Ankon? Andkon? I can’t remember the name. There was a game where you were trying to make a monkey happy by completing puzzles. That was my jam.

  30. Omg, I remember this! I saw ads for that website as a kid and it disgusted me. I didn't even know it still existed lmao

  31. the word fuck silently appearing on the screen like thirty times alongside pictures of drugs and guns was one of the funniest things i've ever seen and i am not lying

  32. I thought this site was gone for good when Flash got shut down.

  33. Golden hair games and lust for bust!!!!

  34. YouTubers always post the nastiest videos while I’m trying to find something to watch while I eat 😭

  35. I loved ggg! It’s so weird now but I played this game called Kindergarten religiously! (It was actually a daycare setting lol)

  36. funfact used to play on girlsgogames when i was little ALL THE TIME

  37. Ah yes, the three ways to feel that everyone knows; physical, mentacal and metaphysical!

  38. While theses games are bazar they have their own charm to them you can tell that the creator put time and effort into making there's games like the amount of detail in the cooking games is just gorgeous, if you're a person that like to cook then this is for you, But I notice how some details of the frozen characters look like they just stole them from a website.

  39. Girlsgogames: exists
    Eef: I've been tazed and this is worse

  40. my childhood except they added really weird games

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