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Since some of you requested more Girls Go Games I decided to give it another go! I managed to find all the SUPER KAWAII games!


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  1. OMG YOU CUSSED AT 2:38 AREN'T YOU A KIDS CHANNEL?!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?!??

  2. I'm going zapp him with my lazer eyes best description ever

  3. I'm surprised that no Chinese person commented on this 😂

  4. cupquake why did you make this 16 minutes BUT there was absolutely nothing

  5. The secon game is Korean and I only know how to talk two language

  6. this was posted on my bday my birthday is april 25

  7. The first game beauty time was the time when u have to get the popular boys

  8. The second video is in Korean just to let u know cupquake😊

  9. loool i used to play this when i was 6 yers old

  10. Umm..why is it a black screen on 10 minutes?

  11. Sike thats Korean, more like gwiyeobda games my right, and I still hate Girls go games.

  12. The first one there is the same game but in English

  13. Wow, i've been supporting ihascupquake for 5 years.. . _ .
    Or 6

  14. That was a short vid. She only played two games. 😑😒😒😑

  15. I was 11 when I watched this, now I’m back

  16. Silly Cupquake, you don’t know what Korean is mate :3
    Here from 2020

  17. you have to tap it's a girl watching you don't keep putting your finger on the mouth tap and tap tap tap and then you collect the hearts to level up you keep loving up you'll be a queen and then somebody will carry you or you may walk or you may have a big throne and if you have you don't get knocked by the teacher collect the boys hurry up before the time runs up for school and you have to hurry up and don't get knocked by the teacher

  18. is the easiest thing to play and I played it before I didn't know how to work it I don't know how to read but it just follow the pictures that I follow the pictures with my mouth and I keep skipping and then I pretend and tap and tap I realize I switch over to the next page I realize the time was clicking so when I finish the whole hearts with one 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 11 hearts done then I level up and then don't and got knocked by the teacher I ran downstairs and I didn't get knocked off I go back upstairs and I realized I got more boys it shows the number how much you got and you can level up and I realize I just walked and then I'm boy carrying me with a skateboard with a chair on it carefully and then when I left hold up I find a big phone wheels umbrella

  19. A guy carrying a Gucci guy carrying it it was super amazing everybody should play that game I really love the game and I'm very veryI played it for weeks weeks and weeks ever I didn't never want to play any game at all I realized I have my phone and I realized how do I play high school girl simulator and every game I played it was on my phone and then I got to my sister's computer download Roblox play Roblox I got used to playing every game I learned how to play the games you just have to follow destruction they show you the structures are very important and you should play the games instructions I play the Elsa one is like mini is very fun chip all play the girl games even the kids games the boy games but don't play the boy games that play kid games and the boy not the boy games but the girl games they're much funner umbrella a curtain when you eat it for you and you just chatter and try to like yonder high school it's very

  20. if a girl see you you have to tap and tap to battle her to get the boys and is very funny when they flew away when you earn the boy very funny when they flew away 😂😂😂😂😂

  21. So let me speak it again don't get knocked by the teacher level up for your hearts hurry up for the school make sure to not get caught by a girl tap and tap remember tap and actually no wasn't looking keep pressing your finger on the mouth and then you have to remember the heartless mindset means you're done collect the hearts put your mouth to the boy run and walk

  22. You laser eyes your heart eyes will actually control the voice fall in love with you not just kissing but they just walk much better than doing all that thanks for you it's very easy you should all play it I learned how to play it by if you don't have to read then just follow the pictures and follow the mess where it is remember tap tap tap if a girl see you

  23. By the way if you have a million it says 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 it has 100 zero not how much it should be so can you show play all the games high school girl simulator anime in this game is super amazing you should play the YouTuber games very amazing but not play please I don't know how to play it but I'm learning how to play all the games said delete all my games some of them and then I realized I know how to play all the games don't I never download don't ever high school I try to get it but didn't work for me so I worked hard trying to get it but if only people words one yandere word they say it took a long time for me to learn understand how to actually play these games so I've been better how to play all these games I learned how to do the school games know how to do Mexico I learned how to do everything the first thingI didn't really know what to do in my real school kindergarten and moved into different classes hey class now I went through this rabbit class kindergarten Ms Kay all of the teachers but I learned better when I sit on the bench I find Jay tapia and jalali moved into another place is all snow we were all set the Lolly was leaving she was my old best friend but we didn't like when she was playing with the boys Maya showed up to take the Lolly place and she's like carrying my lunch back and I got sick of her so I still are to leave my dream I started learning how to get better out of everything but not with Maya she was a very mean girl I never trust so remember kids if Maya comes up just ask her don't be my friend I heard when Kaylee said so and that's her problem my that's my

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