GIRLS GAMES That Make You NEVER Want to Have A Baby ...but Now I'm Having A Baby -

GIRLS GAMES That Make You NEVER Want to Have A Baby …but Now I’m Having A Baby

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I first met Baby Hazel on Girls Go Games & she actually makes you NEVER want to have a baby! However, now I’m about to have a baby so I may have made a mistake…

Baby Hazel Games Part 1:
GirlsGoGames Playlist:


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  1. Idk what to name my account so here we are says:

    I just noticed that Ellie and Hazel have the same color eyes…🤨

  2. I played baby hazel as a kid I think that explains something

  3. Why is no one talking about yandere simulator cough cough being advertised on a kids website!?

  4. THOSE GAMES WERE MY FAVOURITES WHEN I WAS LIKE- younger- I don't want to say childhood because I'm still a child and I know people will attack me for that 🤷‍♀️

  5. I literally thought that it said Baby Hazel Hunger Games.

  6. Fun fact about baby hazel in one of the games she has a credit card

  7. Hazel where did you put the ants

  8. I l9ved those games when I was- Freaking 5 yrs old

  9. you know whats funny my sisters name is hazel

  10. Why did I love this game as a kid? Also it had a ad of Anna from frozen getting surgery and it traumatized me forever 😫✨👌🏾

  11. I like how the mom get’s out of the room

  12. me when lauren said do not ask how I know that:she drank spoiled milk.

  13. What did you say that my name is Elly WHYYYYY

  14. What ur 🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼😰😰

  15. Would you let your kid play girls go games Lauren

  16. girl as a kid i used to play a lot OF that game BUT PLS GUYS DON'T CALL ME CRAZY I just loved the game as a kid😂🥲

  17. When I was really little I used to play baby Hazel

  18. She didn’t want kids and she hated girl then she has a girl kid😂

  19. Lauren how do you know what spoiled milk tastes like

  20. i like how hazel cries and lauren starts threatening her wiping her tears with the paper

  21. IV had a tv in my room since I was 4 (I slept in my own room bye then)

  22. Girl you better stop cursing because it’s annoying girl like say something else say something that’s a curse word one more time i’m not subscribing not like your video if you do that again I Not follow you so don’t cuss😠🫵🏻

  23. And I’m not following you so don’t curse

  24. Lauren: Mom Dad I still kill cereal and get drunk with tea

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