Girls asking Jennifer if she watches the Hunger Games 😂 #youtubeshorts #jenniferlawrence #short -

Girls asking Jennifer if she watches the Hunger Games 😂 #youtubeshorts #jenniferlawrence #short

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  1. I love this lady… funny, self deprecating, down to earth and beautiful….

  2. Things that didn't happen but want to sound relatable for 500, please 😂

  3. who would believe her….pathological liar.

  4. This story rates right up there with her mom entering her movie trailer seeing her with dark hair and apologizing for entering the wrong trailer and leaving. She ends that story with, "I just let her leave"

  5. Clearly they didnt watch it either. I would've recognized her IMMEDIATELY!

  6. The whole cast is what? Couldn't get that word.

  7. I would have said "I AM IN THE HUNGER GAMES"

  8. And people think Superman’s disguise is dumb.

  9. Hunger Games… Saw a few episodes, got bored… I might be able to recognize the main girl but noone else…

  10. she had dark hair in the Hunger Games, might have been why,

  11. Wow, she looks just like Jennifer Lawrence!!!

  12. I guarantee I could recognize Jennifer Lawrence anywhere…anytime…

  13. HER: I was like, like,like.
    ME: OK similar or like a fool

  14. So many of these stories are: Can you believe that these people didn't recognize me?!

  15. Jennifer Lawrence being true to herself tells you all you need to know. She just wants the money. She doesn’t want anyone to take up her time.

  16. She’s a savant! She acts so well and has such range! Outside of work she is so cool and so human. It’s an amazing thing to see, both her personality and her transformation!

  17. É palhacinha né? 😅😅😅❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. Yes she didn’t..-cause she was busy with Miley’s husband🙂🙂🙂🙂😊

  19. JLaw is so precious because she never takes herself too seriously. Killer sense of humor, a fondness for drink, and a consummate extrovert.

  20. I like her she is funny 😂 and beautiful

  21. Can you imagine the girls faces when they all got on stage answering questions and realized who she was

  22. Who cares? You just told everyone just how unpopular and unrecognizable you are. Not to mention a lack of talent. You see this never happened to say Clint Eastwood or Charles Bornson or Lee Marvin or Robert Fuller or Erik Estrada.

  23. TOO FUNNY! and what a missed opportunity Girls!!!

  24. Try that in the men’s bathroom, next time ……. 😎

  25. If they asked me I would be like “ Do you know girlboss Katniss cause she is my favorite character “😂

  26. The transition to the sponsor was cleaner than the clean girl aesthetic

  27. She lied to them that’s very mean!!!!!!!

  28. She is such a queen. I wish I could work for her as a writer.

  29. Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire also the master of stealth she picked up a few things from peta

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