Girl on Fire - Arshad - Lyrics -The Hunger Games -

Girl on Fire – Arshad – Lyrics -The Hunger Games

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I don’t own anything. Property of Arshad . I have his Permission !! Enjoy 🙂 Here the song with lyrics in spanish: . Twitter: @luisamarie22. Especially for Laura Contreras ! :3
Description of Arshad.. PLEASE READ !

This was a private song intended for those involved with the project and was an official submission for The Hunger Games Soundtrack on Universal Republic. However, now that multiple sources have reported the song. Our team is okay with no longer keeping this “unlisted”!

*if you like this song and it gave you visuals from the novel when listening please help me out by visiting Universal Republic’s Representative’s Twitter account and tweet to @imran1231 () and The Hunger Games Executive Film Producer Robin Bissell (@robinbissell) and tell them why this song would be perfect to be included in the soundtrack!

I don’t believe in soundtracks being locked I believe in bonus itunes and online web exclusive tracks. This can happen!

The Fans made The Hunger Games the phenomenon that it is. They know what they like and if you like “Girl On Fire” please help out! Hunger Games fans Unite! We can make this Catch Fire!

it would really help me out!
Please post this song on your Facebook and Twitter accounts! 😀


*visit for a full description on the song and all it’s hidden detail.

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*just to make things clear this song is not officially on the Soundtrack it’s up to us as Hunger Game fans to make that happen! It’s up to us to make them listen!
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  1. and stop with the teams.
    I'd hate to see this end up like that stupid, sick, mental movie. Twilight. *Gags in mouth a bit*

  2. ImBrookeyy OMG LOL (and it's 4 dislikes the 4th is from Coin)

  3. Forget the movie theater I'm buying the movie so I can watch it when ever:D #thehungergames

  4. This hard……peeta(from the book) was so kind and sweet and gentle to katniss and he gave her a pearl as a token of his love but at the end of the day they were just two unlucky souls chosen to fight to the death in a stupid game. Then with gale. He is more badass and edgy and he was katniss' friend fromm the begining and from what uzanne collins describes he is really sexy and protective of katniiss ( so is peeta) but sometimes he turned against katniss like in the catching fire when the kis

  5. Love this song. its totally hunger games !!!!

  6. hahah nahh it was a joke :p (imagine if he really got the part! he'll be in harry potter, twilight AND thg! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US, RP? WHAT?)

  7. i to love this song it goes so will in the movie 🙂

  8. (from third book)
    Lady: (grabs Gale) I mean isn't he good looking or what??
    Boggs: (walks in with Katniss) Don't expect us to be too impressed, we just saw Finnick Odair in his underwear…
    (no caption necessary)

  9. I've heard this song so many times, but I'm just realizing that it's all from Peeta's perspective. I feel so sad…

  10. NO NO NO NO NOOOOO!!!! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Pattinson hater or anything, but he just does NOT fit my image of Odair. Finnick needs to be lively, funny, witty, kind of a womanizer type of guy. And Pattinson… well…… I feel like he's just too sultry for that. Maybe someone like Jake Abel, or Jenson Ackles for the role?

  11. OOOHHH LOL I should have read this first! hahaha.

  12. I love this song especially since its from peetas mind I <3 peeta

  13. It's like, in my head, Peeta was singing this to Katniss, looking at her blue eyes… Peeta&Katniss <3

  14. I am singing this song for my talent show next year

  15. Peeta Mellark and Cato yay I love them and always will

  16. who is ardshad i mean i know who he is but who is he

  17. OMG. I love the beginning.Peeta's words.


  19. I love how this is peeta's mind and they used some of the quotes peeta used!! Its really good and cute!!

  20. i really want to do this for a school talent show

  21. I cry. This is really something that Peeta would sing from his heart! This is such a strong song.

  22. im crying because this was the first movie? date me and my ex boyfriend had

  23. nah, not Johanna, she agreed to Kat's freedom of choice, her mother on the other side…

  24. I love this song!
    Always when i listen to this i cry :'(
    I wuld bee realy happy if the have this song in "mockingjay" ! 3 😉

  25. Sam Clafin… William from Snow White and the Huntsman

  26. My biggest question since February is why isn't this in the movie. Or the soundtrack. Why?!?!?!?!?! This fandom needs to do something to get the fact that we want this song in catching fire or Mockingjay. I can so see this in mockingjy's credits.

  27. people we hunger games fans don't say "teams" we say sponsor…….I sponsor Haymitch!!!!!!!

  28. The wait for catching fire is killing me!!!! Oh my lord!!!

  29. 6 dislikes…. Obviously they aren't into hunger games! They probably don't even understand the song

  30. Awkward moment when you realize the created of this video has a username that reminds you of your ex…. His name was Luis and my names Amari…..weird!

  31. LOL JAJAJA Actually, My name is Luisa María 🙂

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