Girl Games - Hey Ash Whatcha Playin'? -

Girl Games – Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’?

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Defeated by the burden of being a girl, Ash tries her hand at some authentic girl games.
Season 4 – Episode 18

Girl Games – Hey Ash Whatcha Playin’?
By Anthony Burch, Ashly Burch, and Justin Yngelmo

COD BLOPS Douche-Bro Voices:
Ryan Stevens
Matt Blair
Ian Hinck
Jon Finger
John Santo
Mike Huber
Anton Jessburger
Kyle Bosman
Nick Plessas

COD BLOPS Douche-Bro Players:
Ryan “NuttiesFC” Frost
Grayson Evans

Credit Music: “The Massacre” by FantomenK

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  1. I remember when she made a huge apology over the girl boy joke like how sad are you to cry about that?

  2. You have some fucking respect you nerds, your talking to Aloy!!!!

  3. I don't think I've ever not laughed at everything the dad says.

  4. PB has already got the boooobs… so why not. It would be like a squirrel shot with a magnum.

  5. " go play some girl games or something" that was priceless

  6. I like how the only people talking about the controversy in this video 6 fucking years later are the ones whining about the apology because "le tumblr sjws hurr durr only two genders". Everyone else has moved on. Yet anti-sjws will still be mad 6 years later.

  7. Lol he's not pretty
    If that is offensive my anatomy textbooks have some serious explaining to do.

  8. If that is offensive my anatomy textbooks have some serious explaining to do.
    That was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!

  9. This is the reason why I subscribed.
    I never even heard of the term "bioessentialism" o-o

  10. guys help i  cant get to the prom how do i get to the prom part
    Who gets offended by an apology? That's pathetic. This comment section sucks.
    The struggle continues.

  11. Should have stuck some dynamites up their butts…

  12. anyone here in 2020? these videos popped in my brain rn

  13. I don't understand how that male and female thing was offensive

  14. I haven’t seen this is years and goddamn papa birch gets me every damn time

  15. this didnt make me want to kill myself so do something with that information

  16. if anyone finds the walkthrough let me know

  17. This whole channel is just one big

    "i'M NOT LIKe OTheR GiRLS"

  18. Wow. Nobody's commented on this video in a while.

  19. Not a very trans-inclusive video, but taking in account that it was made more in like 2013, this video is gold

  20. Didn't know that Richard Hammond had a game.

  21. Always loved Papa Burch. Use to watch HAWP whenever new uploads went up. Can't believe it's been about 13 years now since the first one.

  22. Hahaha this is actually a great video.

  23. I'm just here still trying to get to prom 😭😭

  24. whenever i hear ashly burch in a game, i go here and rewatch hawp. ahh the good old days

  25. they make constant gay jokes, sexist jokes, racist jokes..but ohh lawd dont dare upset the trans, their little feelings get hurt. sorry, but biology is fact, male and female.

  26. Rupaul will be showing his thanks for your service soon enough you military bitch!

  27. I'm so sad I only now discovered this. Yet I'm so happy I discovered this late. Yaaaaay.

  28. You didn’t really find the game at all if you did you’d be painting bitches cheeks and fingernails with ketchup if you had.

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