Game Master is Mad... Boys vs Girls Challenge for 24 Hours -

Game Master is Mad… Boys vs Girls Challenge for 24 Hours

Rebecca Zamolo
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It first started when Rebecca Zamolo uploaded “Home Alone Pranks Challenge To Trick Boys.” Next Matt and Rebecca made “THE QUEEN ESCAPED, What Happens Next Is Shocking.” Finally the Game Master Network created “Extreme Never Have I Ever.” Now Rebecca Zamolo realized her and her best friends are trapped in the tiny house which is now a club house. We have been working against each other so maybe we should work together. This is a final boys vs girls challenge. Whoever wins gets the clubhouse. But something is not right. Is someone watching us? If this goes wrong it might turn into a battle royale. I just hope we are not trapped for 24 hours. The tiktok challenge was funny but we need to escape. At least we have the slurpies in the fridge for the brain freeze challenge. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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  1. When you were fighting because Matt cheated on the screen it said “look for a clue”

  2. The KeyMaster were behind your back and Maddie it was like doing something how did Rebecca not get goosebumps❤

  3. OK master at the sleep cloud inside the Slurpee I think you should not trust the game master

  4. it was silver
    and there was number on the TV

  5. 1. Lynn
    2. Silver
    3. Slyithern
    4. Lu Lu Lemon

  6. I saw a something no the tv writing look for clue by the GM

  7. Maybe it's a challenge that u will have go back to camp


  9. Did anyone else see the game master in this video or is it just me.

  10. Maddys right Mets wrong it was silver Rebecca’s dress with silver

  11. There was a code or sum thing on the screen it was 1-1-1 5-2-4- 2-3-1. 115-10-3

  12. Tik tak Challenge the tv SaidFind all the Clues

  13. There was the game master behind you when you were playing the bath bomb calenge

  14. Somebody might be helping the gmi with a clue or something 🤔

  15. Daddy is right because I just was your

  16. The game master was in there when you were doing the bath bomb challenge and then you guys were complaining about the clubhouse

  17. Give me a thumbs up if u like Rebecca’s videos

  18. Make sure to watch all the way through- there are clues we need your help solving! SUBSCRIBE xoxo

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