Free Girl Games for Kids: Slow-Paced and Creative -
Shelly's Face Painting Designs

Free Girl Games for Kids: Slow-Paced and Creative

There are a lot of girl games for kids. Check out this collection. We’ve put emphasis on different interests and ages, educational elements, and non-violent content. They are designed to develop attention, taste, and patience. As well as to inspire new ideas to try in real life! Another advantage – such toys don’t need to be installed on PCs or smartphones. Just launch the ones you like in your browser.

For Small Gamers

Shelly’s Face Painting Designs

Want to have a cool ornament on your face? Just choose a stencil and go ahead! Get primed for bright colors and glittering rhinestones. When you know enough, try to do the same in real life! It’s a funny activity to do with parents and friends.

Betsy’s Crafts: Mosaic


Ready to master a cool handicraft? Use special tiles to make creative art pieces. 17 templates ranging from supermodels to cute animals. Endless combinations of colors. All that boosts imaginative thinking and encourages to have new hobbies.

Girl Games for Kids Category: Ice Kingdom Coloring Book

Ice Kingdom Coloring Book

Painting in the virtual is also fun! Here you have a whole album depicting your favorite characters from the famous movie. 16 hues, 10 pictures, and useful training of your motor skills. It is not that easy to point the brush into the right area. But you’ll surely succeed.

For Romantic Relationships Fans

Love battle

Love battle

2 boys want to date a beautiful princess. Help them look like real gentlemen. Go through all stages of dressing up: from hair to shoes. Play online and watch who the royal member chooses in the end. The first impression matters, whatever they say!

Cupid Forever

Cupid Forever

Imagine you have magical arrows to make creatures fall in love. With 6 ingredients in your arsenal, pick 4. And shoot at any living being in the zoo. Will it be an elephant to kiss a man? Or a dolphin who suddenly feels affection towards a woman? Use different mixes for the most unexpected endings!

Prom Queen Sim

Prom Queen Sim

Looking for a boyfriend is very hard. Especially when you need to balance your relationships with studying. Create your own character and customize her. As well as buy clothes, improve social skills, and perform actions in 6 locations. Start from reading a newspaper and earning some knowledge points. Then talk to a boy in a shopping mall. It is one of the girl games for kids that has complicated and satisfying content. Do you like cat clicker games? Visit webpage to enter the Pop Cat game.

Learn something new with these adventures. And don’t download anything to your devices. Convenient? Dive in!

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