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Female armor in games – Breastplate

Viva La Dirt League
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All she wants is some plain old breastplate. Does it have to be that hard?

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Breastplate – (Video Game Logic) EPIC NPC MAN | Viva La Dirt League (VLDL)

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  1. We need more female game creators to turn the tide around. Make full-cover female armors and almost-nude male armors…. See how the men like it…

  2. Bring me the breastplate stretcher 🤣🤣🤣

  3. You can tell that the player spent alot of time on the creation char, based on how well the female char turned out in game.

  4. "(whispers) Guys, did you know that you can subscribe to our channel? " Huh…

  5. gusy i love your channel but shit like this make me puke. this is the crap crazy feminist are all about. and i dint see you guys make a video about male plate being a topic. or naked man in games. its always about the females. so stop being a wimp simp. this video ….. biggest disapointment for me. just stop it

  6. Ahh the xxPussyslayerxx takes me back man. Back then everyone either had weird cAPitAl or xxSlayerxx.

  7. She is already wearing bottom piece, so why so angry? 😀

  8. Bring Brit back.. I know she is in Canada or someplace but there must be a work around.

  9. The only game is red dead redemption 2, where ladies dress for the situation as they should.

  10. Its really simple, she should have asked for the chest plate… The breast plate is exactly what she got…

  11. Heres a question, how are they going to do a skit on nude model mods?

  12. Mornin'! Nice day for staffs, ain't it? Hu huh

  13. My favorite. Been rewatching this for a long time. At then end "WHAT THE"… hahahaha. Yes Im a woman and I play these and I can't STAND how females put on the same armor but on them it's a bikini top. There have been games that didn't do that such as Dark Age of Camelot. I mean really, does your game have to have this cheap stuff to get players? Then make a better game.

  14. Well, technically it is called "breast"-plate.

  15. Hey, don't blame the guy. Dude is literally programmed to sell you shit regardless of what it is. So, props to him for breaking out of his coding to try and not sell it to her

    Rowans "innocent" smile is pure hilarious

  16. The more nipp… nimble she is the less she gets hit thereby surpassing the need for higher AC.

  17. lmao i always thought the trope was that women were more agile than men so they ran around half naked so they could dodge attacks easier and move faster.

  18. Than you play horizon zero down and you basicly become a berserker

  19. And after 4 years, this is the vldl video with more views

  20. Female Character Armor Logic: the less armor, the less there is to target and kill. Females have such slender bodies that the arrows just miss 🙃

  21. Everyone knows it's not the merchant's fault: it's the obstacle size of your gender's chest that complains it to the template of the armor. To put it simply: that's why it's called that, Breastplate.

  22. Female Armor are the best, the hotter they are the higher the power they are

  23. You don't get it's a perfect distraction strategy! Unfortunately the player isn't immune to it either.

  24. Now she will have maximum maneuverability.

  25. As it should be 😛 That said, male armor sucks most of the time. There's always something wrong with a set, stupid wide shoulders, ridiculous helm, boring graphics, 2d drawings of chains and straps that should be 3d. At least with skimpy female armors you prevent most of the crap armor designs.

  26. Какие они молодцы, все интересно у них, актеры красивые, умные приятно смотреть.

  27. Thankfully this trend has been moving in the right direction. Gender different armor often is either sensibly the same for both because it covers everything; or they make it skimpy for the males too! Everyone wins! xD

  28. 0:52 Rowan's smile while he is staring at her is hilarious😂

  29. thats why i love dark souls as a rpg… 0 fan service in armors you wear

  30. Female armor : The less is covers the HARDER IT GETS ..to kill I mean

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