Fashion show makup wala game||💕✨Android gameplay||@Stylish Gamer ||girl games||new game 2022 -

Fashion show makup wala game||💕✨Android gameplay||@Stylish Gamer ||girl games||new game 2022

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Hello friends in this video I show you the makup dressup game of indian girl

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Dress up with “Fashion Craze” an extra ordinary fashion adventure game where you dress up with various indian dresses and compete with real players across the world. Indian fashion stylist let you style looks, set trends and become the next big fashion stylist in the Fashion world!
Start becoming a celebrity stylist, create fashionable looks for indian idols. Create looks for indian idols that will take to the top of the Fashion World with tons of fashionable Indian dresses, traditional dresses … and gorgeous bridal makeup.
This is the most beautiful fashion designer game in 2020. When you play this fashion designer game, you have a chance to become a celebrity stylist and you can dress up your indian idol as you like, turn them into fantasy girls with various gorgeous girls dresses, traditional dresses, trendy short dresses and stunning makeup layout. In this fashion designer game, you need to perform so many makeover activities and catch up with the latest fashion trends to prepare a indian idol for an event. Style the hottest indian idol around, dress up in the most fashionable indian dresses, girls dresses, choose the most beautiful bridal makeup looks, become a fashion stylist.
With this fashion designer game, you can compete with your friends, create looks that will take you all the way to the top of the game challenge with tons of gorgeous indian dresses, accessories and makeup trends
Fashion Craze features:
– Various fashionable outfits and gorgeous bridal makeup
– A fashionable wardrobe filled with indian dresses and outfits and accessories
– Various fashion styles: casual, party, beach….. and more
– Participate game challenge, and get voted as the best fashion designers
– Have a chance to become fashion stylist for indian idol in the fashion world
– Check out your style score in game challenge


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