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Emergency Doctor Fun Girl games to Play with Many Tools like Stethoscope Thermometer Blood Pressure

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Nothing is more great than a man’s mother! Only you can help these celebrity mommies! Use tons of professional doctor tools to help celebrity mommies live through emergencies and witness the born of cute babies! Join these mommies-to-be on their journey from pregnancy to parenthood!

-Now, use your power to help these beautiful, nervous and excited mommies, bring their baby into this world safe and healthy!
-Tons of doctor tools to select! You will use stethoscope, thermometer and the blood pressure sensor and many more! Let’s find out all the tools in game.
-Use the ultrasound tool to find out if your baby is a boy or girl.
-Hold your breath to hear baby’s first beating!
-Treat the adorable kid when heshe have a fever.
-Dress up little baby with tons of fancy baby clothing and accessories!
-Have fun with 5 challenging mini games!

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