Don't play with this cute little girl's ball -

Don’t play with this cute little girl’s ball

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Ayumi wants to play, she has a ball, and I thought this was a short little kid style game but there’s so much more. This is Ayumi’s true ending.
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  1. Gloom if you let them know your house location they will kidnap you so never do that it’s already too late so dumb dumb

  2. 1:45 right when I got Jump-scared there was thunder for me irl 😀🥹

  3. 1:14 here gloom if you didn't know what ayumi said

    Edit: put in on slow motion

  4. She said im going to rip your heart out of you

  5. She just literally said “I’m going to rip your heart out “.

  6. When the video glitch she said I would’ve rip out your heart

  7. Ayumi said I'm going to rip your heart out That's crazy that's messed up

  8. Mano o título “não jogue com as bolas dessa pequena garota” KAKAKAKKA

  9. I miss u gloom 😢😢😢 I’m just watching all of your videos make me feel better

  10. I kept looking at the fUn TiMes wItH AyUmI dededdededododdodaaaa😊

  11. hmmm anyone noticed the b4 u know what that means😂

  12. oh i thought there is something 😂

  13. Yep i was right it was "rip your heart out" i said it even tho i didnt see it lol

  14. That girl said she was gonna rip your heart out if you want to know guys I paused it at the right time

  15. I was just rewatching her videos because I was bored and then I decided to try this game. It was really fun and I discovered something that she didn't notice while playing it.

  16. When i watched it i keep starting the first part like 100 times

  17. She said she's gonna rip your heart out when you broke her ball

  18. It said, I'm gonna rip your heart when she broke the ball

  19. I pause the video when it said I’m gonna do something cute and you were like wait wait what am I what are you gonna do to me and I read it and it said I’m gonna rip your heart I’m just letting you know OK just letting KNOW

  20. Why does Ayumi look like yammy or Lauren?

  21. SHE SAID: ”you broke it… I’m gonna rip your heart out”😅

  22. “ should I do it for the memes?” “Uh oh I did it for the memes” had me dying

  23. when u broke her ball she said "I WILL RIP YOUR HEART OUT OF U" i think she said that

  24. i cant get over how she seed fun times with ayumi,i hope you hyave a amezing brake

  25. i came back to watch gloom

  26. For everyone who want’s to know: at 1:14 she said “I’m gonna rip your heart out.”

  27. For those who didn't see what ayumi said after gloom broke the ball it said I'm gonna rip your heart out

  28. When ayumi said “you broke it” before she kidding she said I’m gonna rip your heart out 😅

  29. BTW the girl said "I’m gonna rip your heart out“ if you were wondering 😅😅😅

  30. She said "im gonna rip your heart out"

  31. btw when the text was glitching out it said i'm gonna rip ur heart out

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