Don'T be Nervous Talking 2 Girls a.k.a. THE MOST STUPID GAME EVER!!!!! (Part 1) -

Don’T be Nervous Talking 2 Girls a.k.a. THE MOST STUPID GAME EVER!!!!! (Part 1)

JJ Olatunji
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Don’T be Nervous Talking 2 Girls is so STUPID


  1. So sad he can't make videos like this nowadays…

  2. It’s hard to believe that this is the same Fatneek we know, love and bully on Reddit today

  3. The aboard cart seasonally cry because olive lately deceive across a unwritten security. garrulous, milky format

  4. i thnk this video shoud get a 9 year old anniversary

  5. 1:16 a prime example of why fan girls wouldn't survive old ksi don had no filter 😂😂😂

  6. I feel like one day someone will use this as ''evidence'' to go against him…as JJ's becoming more mainstream day by day…

  7. almost 9 years and this guy will drop an album

  8. What are the odds this is on my recommended? lol…

  9. Kinda unbelievable JJ is actually pretty smooth with girls now he was so awk lmao

  10. Wow this chat is still active after 9 years i am impressed!

  11. He really look like a nerd then 😂😂

  12. KSI in this vid: "i'm not gonna go hey i'm KSIOlajideBT! I'm that guy from Youtube!"

    KSI in sidemen tinder years later: "I'm KSI, I'm Famous"

  13. 9 years on, and this still has me crying😂😂

  14. "Good? Is that the best you can do?" Who the hell responds like that when YOU are the one who started the conversation? You started it, he doesn't have to talk the way you want him to
    I genuinely pray that JJ didn't have to pay alot of money for this trash, because even if Jessica didn't have an attitude like this? This game still wouldn't be worth it, paying money for a fucking slideshow?

  15. good lord i hope twitter does not find this video

  16. "I'm not just gonna go up to people and say oh hey I'm ksi, I'm that guy from YouTube"

    9 years later.. "hi I'm ksi and I'm rich and famous" 😂

  17. I miss his old content, this era of KSI was the BEST and you know it. This and the impossible game series are my personal favourites.

  18. Almost 10 years later, and this guy is performing in front of 100,000 people.

  19. This explains why jj was a virgin for 19 years lol!!!

  20. 1:16 ksi can’t make this content anymore even if he would like to.. it’s sad but true so let’s just enjoy the old videos

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