Detroit Become Human - Menu Girl LEAVES The Game PERMANENTLY - Detroit Become Human Ending Gameplay -

Detroit Become Human – Menu Girl LEAVES The Game PERMANENTLY – Detroit Become Human Ending Gameplay

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Detroit Become Human Ending where Menu Girl Leaves the Game. The Girl in the Menu, Chloe, can leave the game if you let her leave. I’m not sure if it’s because of the ending I got, or if she does it just because I beat the game. You can choose to let menu girl go or keep her in the menu.

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  1. She'll reset herself if you don't let her go

  2. If you refuse to let her go, she will go along with your wishes and reset herself to forget the feelings she has. Essentially being the same as when you first introduced to her

  3. If you refuse to let her go, she will go along with your wishes and reset herself to forget the feelings she has. Essentially being the same as when you first introduced to her

  4. 🎵If you love than let me goooooo-oooo-ooo🎵

  5. It would be really cool if at some point Chloe sends a message back after she left. A short greeting that she is doing well and glad to be free. It could be triggered by a certain amount of replays, game times, or endings discovered. Just some motivations to keep playing.

  6. I told her not to leave the menu, then she starts giving me these sad looks….now i feel bad 🙁

  7. I picked we are not friends and I forced her to stay just because I knew 99% of the people out there would pick the other options. She ends up devastated, and depressed at the friends question. She tries to be professional but they gave her animations that show her looking down in depression. After I chose to keep her, she continued the same way for a little while. If you're lucky you can hear here sing Marcus' peace song. On the next boot up she can't take it anymore and wipes herself clean by factory resetting herself. From there on she just stays there, as she was before the friendship question. I played through the game again and she never asks questions like that again. She does make commentary on some of the choices you make though, which made it worth keeping her around, at least for me it did.

  8. To become back the menu girl:
    -Delete the game
    -Reupload the game
    – When the reupload is finished, Detroit Become Human ask your if your like a new chloe, then click on yes.
    Chloe is back!
    -If your delete the game and reupload the game, your trophies in the game are not lost, your gonna hold they everytime!

  9. Lookatmyfaceyouwillloveittobadmynameissoshort D: M says:

    theres hotter fake girls out there

  10. If you let her go and you adjust your flowchart for a bit my game asked if we wanted a new Chloe for free so we got a new one

  11. I said yes and let her go. I started a new game and half way through they asked if I wanted a new free chloe. I said yes and she’s back. I didn’t delete anything just started a new game.

  12. Chloe leaves at the end when you beat it it happens to every one its normal you just have to beat the game to let her go nothing special

  13. You will eventually get an offer for a new one. At least, that happened to me.

  14. If u chooses not to leave choke she said she would reboot herself and it will be like the first time u met her

  15. You'll eventually get a new one, you'll get a menu prompt saying that Cyberlife sees you are missing your Chloe model, and that they will send you a replacement for free. You can click yes and get a new one. Pretty sure it's random but I got a new one.

  16. 1:49 There may be, but no other fake girl would fill the cracks in my heart.

  17. She comes back later as a replacement, you get a message from cyberlife asking if you would like a replacement Chloe and you can say yes or no, if you say yes I don't think she ever leaves again when you beat the game again.

  18. Hands down, the toughest choice in the entire game. I let her go btw.

  19. i shot her in the head and now i refuse to let her be a deviant

  20. I was lucky to get another Chloe after a few days or a month after doing this.

  21. Me, when I talk about Detroit: BH: They are so cute and so nice… I just love them…
    My family and friends: You realize they are not real….
    Me: Yeah, but have you seen Connor…

  22. chloe asked me to let her free bc she feels she is someone, so i’m like yes bye ily

  23. I also miss menu girl.. I let her go 5 min ago. I regret it

  24. Lol she is still on my ps4 and I beat the game and won the revolution I was just asked are we still friends and I said yes and she stayed

  25. That happened to me too. I think it happens after you get done with the game for the first time? Not sure.

  26. Damn. That’s not fair man. Your decision was made under duress 😭😭. I feel sorry for you man 😂😂😂

  27. SOMethIng Has ChanGeD wiTHiN meee SoMEThiNg is nOT thE sAmEee


  28. You get the option to get chloe back again if you keep playing the game.

  29. when you start the game mutch time one time it's gona tell you that cyberlife whant to send you a nother menu girl that how you get it back

  30. You wll recive a second menu girl. But one question can you set her free again

  31. Thought she was scarlet Jo first time i saw her

  32. Even if you let her go they offer to give you a new Chloe later

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