DEMON GIRL CHASES US! - Pacify Multiplayer Gameplay - New Horror Game -

DEMON GIRL CHASES US! – Pacify Multiplayer Gameplay – New Horror Game

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Demon girl chases us in Pacify Multiplayer Gameplay

Playing a new horror game called Pacify in Multiplayer! This is essentially a new Emily wants to play horror game but with a new character, Emilia! Will SpyCakes figure out how to stop Emilia?


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About Pacify horror game:

“In Pacify, you will be running for your life around the narrow corridors of a dark, old house. There is a little girl that switches between good and evil roaming around.

Play alone in single player mode, or play with friends in multiplayer CoOp. The girl can hear and see you. Stay out of sight, and stay as quiet as possible. Try different types of strategies to win.”

Pacify Steam Page:

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  1. These guys makes horror games feels like funny games

    The only thing thats missing is brandon saying "nut crakers"

  2. i played this game before. you have to burn the dolls in the basement furnace using wood and matches once you burned all the dolls you win. and the ghost makes you into dolls untill you burn another doll.


  4. Frozen pretty sure there's two more maps there's one with a goat demon and I mean one with a gamer girl that will drink her bathwater you have to taser when she's in the Baptist for electric object that's on in the bathroom taser to death but there's a letter in there when you put a fuse in there don't press the lever that goes down because that will set her off and she'll try to kill you

  5. HAHAHA 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 YOU3 FUNNY

  6. You need to give the girl a good doll and she will be relax like 1 min or 2 and if you dont want ob or camodo to die give her the good doll

  7. The demon girl is Cinda scary and funny at the same time the marked dolls are her weakness to kill her

  8. Everything was scary until… THE CREW CAME TO THE MANSION!

  9. when the girl was really fast I hid under my blanket and covered my eyes just a little to see the screen

  10. spycakes be like:OB's going to be the best person around.Then screams

  11. Your channel logo is a cake and I want to eat a cake so then can i eat your logo hahahah 😆😅😂

  12. 5:18 was the biggest jump scare I ever had in my life and it wasnt even supposed to be that bad but I guess that I had a full on heart attack from it

  13. цазидйялщфх 300$

  14. you NO FO 3400B LES GO POLİCE🇺🇸

  15. Your videos are very good and entertaining❤

  16. Spy was so scared that he makes funny screaming noises.

  17. You should play dark deception and beat the chapters 123456 monkey bisnnis Agatha and dread ducky gold watchers reappear nurses and the joy joy gang and moma bear then the maniqins and the last chapter hasint come out


  19. Hi Spy. I love so much this video, because i love so much Paranormal Activities and I also love … HALLOWEEN. 🦇👻🔱😈🔱👻🦇

  20. Native game not positive be more postive

  21. So funny when all the dolls came out of the one door!!!

  22. Next time in your videos be quiet because I’m doing my social studies when I watch these videos

  23. Lol don't to be such babies let's prove that ghost aren't real

  24. Spycakes I c on video 4:25 and I c what is that mi kid c his crying I tell what happened mi kid show I c a ghost on door looklike is human ok I tell you ok buy c on the human life ghost ok find in buy love you spycakes

  25. Trying out a new horror game, made by the people who made Emily wants to play! Would you like to see us beat this game?

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