City Girl Life on Facebook Game(Hudson Riviera Apartment) -

City Girl Life on Facebook Game(Hudson Riviera Apartment)

Lily of the valley
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Hudson Rivera apartment tour in City girl life Game Play.
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  1. yo no puedo jugar porque me pide actualizar Adobe, ¿a alguna le pasa?

  2. I want to open this game, but every time I try to open it, an error appears

  3. This game does not work anymore in the most computers, 'cause of the adobe stopped being supported. Do you guys know a game that is similar?

  4. I really don't know why it doesn't works, If you know how to solve the problem ,please say.

  5. Since it's hard to open in fb (error occurred) This should be available on Google play store. 😭

  6. You need to dowload facebook gameroom in order to play facebook games now

  7. I miss playing this game so much. But i don't have computer :((

  8. si lo desbloqueo con 197 de oro me lo dan, o luego tengo que comprarlo de nuevo para obtenerlo?

  9. Heyyy! Can I add you to friends? I really need to play this game with someone! ^-^

  10. Hi! I miss this game so muchh! But can i find it somewhere else, but not in Facebook

  11. This game doesn't work anymore. Are there any other games like this? (Apart from SIMs, I don't like SIMs very much.

  12. The game can’t operate without puffin or adobe flash player which sucks… :/ Idk why adobe flash player shut down ): this caused a lot of corruption with games that had flash..

  13. Tengo años de np poder jugar y ahora que estoy buscando para entrar a jugar no me deja desde celular o tablet


  15. En donde lo puedo jugar,alguien sabe?😢

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