Choose your gamer girl! -

Choose your gamer girl!

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  1. I just have one request.

    Can we knock it off with the goddamn pink palate and the cat ears and just have them be in a normal room with normal gaming headphones??

  2. chose you gas mask  M50.M40.CM7M.3MFF401. you will need it  they all smell like Chernobyl

  3. Men don't need woman to survive boys need woman to survive (⁠*⁠_⁠*⁠)

  4. They are all look like Belle Delphine except the 2nd one.

  5. How about we get a normal ass girl instead. I think I have a better time playing with them then any of the "gamer girls" on screen.

  6. Man I don’t care about the this beat go hard

  7. No gamer girl wears makeup while gaming I can tell u

  8. "the one that never sleeps " aa yeah i am 😅

  9. why is bout all thes types of gamer girls or UwU girls on tiktok tho and like thiss? they always have all pink and em kitty headphones, like can there be at least someone normal for once💀

  10. My older sister is the cozy one😂

  11. A girl ,with good gaming skills , am i asking too much ?

  12. The one who never goes to sleep because that’s me all the time

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