Cats, Shopping & a Princess Maker | Crazy Girly Games -

Cats, Shopping & a Princess Maker | Crazy Girly Games

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Today I’m playing some ridiculous flash games for girls on GirlsGoGames! I escape a restaurant, play doctor for an injured baby, solve mysteries and travel to Kitty Kingdom! Also Princess Maker is the best game everrrr.

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  1. Me trying to download App that in the video

  2. LDshadowlady when sees the word scrabble game: is it even avalable now!? shees
    me be like: eXcUSe mE Ma'Am

  3. Who else loves this like hair of Lizzie

  4. Um I’ve never seen games like this but the cat game is so cut I want it and the princess game they both are so cute

  5. My friends play this game and she is pretty much weird to me because that is a baby app

  6. Only friends I mean just one friend I have 1 million friends in my school but not in my school just one and the dress one friend she plays not the BFF one but the second one

  7. Lizzie: awww it like a Choping on my brain aww so cute!! Us:CRAZY CATS WOMEN!!!!!

  8. I became a princess over night!! Us: I was a girl in the doing alright then I became a princess overnight! Now I gotta figure out how to do it right!so much to learn+seeeeeeeeEEeee!!!!!

  9. 🎥📸😡 you need to self pic so you can make veal

  10. Lizzie It's like a skull chomping down on my head
    Me: :/

  11. Lizzie: That's adorable! It's like a little skull chomping down on my brain!
    Me: Ummmm… Lizzie? You okay…?

  12. I saw buddy the cat on the bed or chair?

  13. Lizzie: Awww, it’s like a little skull is chomping down on my brain!
    Me: I’m scared.

  14. Have you played Pastel Girl: Dress up game? I bet you'd love it 💕🦄🦄🌼💕🌟✨🌟

  15. Don't mind me, just a male spying for information on females.

  16. Lizzie: aww it looks like a scull chomping on my brain awww!

    Me: …yeah-

  17. Lizzie (Aw that's so cute a skull chopping down to my brain) me :Girl that's creepy

  18. is anyone thinking about the fact that it looks so much like adventure time-

  19. me: dies of laughter when she says( landed the ship at another island with armored cats)

  20. Lizzy:humans in general that’s sad because do u know how many humans there are well I don’t but there is a lot!😂
    Me: well its actually in but ween 7bill and 8bill 🤓🤓🤓😉

  21. Little did Lizzie know, she would become the Ocean queen on:
    June 12th 2021

  22. Better do what I say or face the consequences threatening people I don't know why I just enjoyed this thick real of striking fear into people's hearts once I'm pretty sure my parents were going to call the ambulance cuz they actually thought I was bleeding from my mouth when I just ate a bunch of pink cotton candy then started drooling all over my body and it look like blood was leaking from my mouth I really am a troublemaker

  23. Don't you know people actually cut up bananas people will cut up a banana if they're feeding it to a toddler or a baby cuz they're too young to digest the food Hartley said yeah when you're feeding a baby a banana you cut it up so that the babies so that the baby can actually digested better until the baby supposed to eat a long yellow gun bananas do we looking like little guns it's constant have a triggers but you do definitely cut up a banana when your finger into a toddler or baby you left the toddler knows how to eat bananas properly but I doubt that you can't fit an entire banana in their mouth Andy don't know how to eat bananas that's why people got them up so that they just pop it in your mouth due to a little and then they swallow it big bananas big answers to it up a little and then swallow it cuz then it would be the size of their tiny baby floats and they would die and babies should not ever ever ever died from anything

  24. Lizzie umm “no right no wrong no rules for me” is from Frozen

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