BOYS VS GIRLS! The Game of Life! -

BOYS VS GIRLS! The Game of Life!

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SSundee and Garry take on the GIRLS!!
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  1. De correct enswer is boy 6920 girl 6810 million dollar

  2. Btw why is the thumbnail golf with your friends

  3. 42:06
    Did anyone like Garrett's laugh when he got the brain surgeon job back because I did XD

  4. I'm literally just going back to where all of his videos were actually good and didn't just care about views

  5. Leah, thank you for saying Crash Bandicoot for the video games!

  6. Garret at the end with 2020k: 🙄🙄😳😳

  7. Watching this video on the same day but 3 years in the future

  8. Nice to see people still watch SSundee old videos

  9. Ian spins three: gets 150K
    Ian: complains
    gary: spins 7
    Gary: gets 150K
    Everyone: Wow so lucky!

  10. Do thiz with the full turtle neck sweater bunch!!!!?

  11. But I want you girl and I always see my words 🤣😂

  12. good luck boysssssssssssssssssssss

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