Boy Gamers VS Girl Gamers -

Boy Gamers VS Girl Gamers

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Boy Gamers VS Girl Gamers


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An Animation By AyusAnimation
Boy Gamers VS Girl Gamers
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  1. I don't like girls gamers anymore but I like jurassic world the game

  2. Endy (Call of Duty Mobile X Minecraft) says:

    Girls are noobs, just play talking tom girls, only boys are pros, they play mature games like me, I was playing Dead by Daylight, Call of Duty, GTA 5, Resident Evil 8 Village, or any bloody games

  3. 4:10 What is the song pls help me I am begging all of u

  4. You missed the most important part……. On live streams to get followers girls have an advantage of boobs and puss to show.

  5. Aditya Pratap Singh Class 10 A Roll no. 4 says:

    Irony hogai bhai only pink

  6. What is the up camera shooting game in this video can anyone help me

  7. Disclaimer(no jokes): this video is only made for fun he know the reality

  8. “I am gamer because games don't hurt you”

  9. You know what I'm a boy so I kill animals in games even rabits,deers and fùcking people In GTA games or other games btw I BEAT THE SH!T OUT OF PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE TOO I CAN KILL FÜCKING RABBITS CAUSE I HATE FÜCKING RABBITS

  10. I'm a girl gamer but my setup is blue and I don't like pink

  11. Which games is in your vedio Time is 7:06 shooting game boys play

  12. Girl "gamers" rn be like: that's sexist!!!!!!!!!

  13. No one:
    Videos every time:
    Buttttt before we get through the video, give us a moment to introduce our sponsor, RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

  14. Girls Playing battle royale games and games like gta😲😲😲
    By my experience girls only play make up games 😂😂😂😂

  15. You forgot emotional moments:
    Great Main Character: dies
    Boy Gamers: 😔 ✊ I’ll remember you, man. All those good times. 🥲 Rest In Peace. I’ll destroy your killers. I promise.
    Girl Gamers: No! 😱🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Why can’t we all just get along?! 😥

  16. Gender doesn't matter:) game does😎😎😎
    – Prime Minister Of India

  17. yeah thats true(9:33) one time i was playing some skywars(minecraft) and that day i was recording and making video but killed actaully killed 10 peoples i uplaoded that video the comments in:wtf you so noob i was shocked and i delete that video

  18. Hitler, Jerry, Tom and Dora also Jack fuck them off right now!

  19. As a girl, I would like to tell you that we plays well, And we don't only like pink.

  20. as a girl gamer i go bazerk when the game is not working properly and get sooo furstrated and dont think am not so like a softhearted girl gamer as you think

  21. Men love destruction understandable nobody can question that

  22. GTA…. this makes me remember those days i was a little girl when i played it 5 years ago now i'm 14 still a little girl but i'm addicted to games 😂 mini militia and more i even new some codes my brother told me about those weapon and car hacks he almost became a hacker 😌

  23. *Raid Shadow Legends ads
    Me: =__________________=

  24. Me when hearing the girls voice about raid shadow legends: "instantly finds another video"

  25. Streaming part is kinda shi! to me but still like it

  26. what the fuck is this for 8 minutes for girls and 5 minutes for boys to look down on

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