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Holland Cuties play against USA

Marcella takes a ball to the face.


  1. Bro she is a girl pepole how make fun of her you dont whant to.

  2. I love how supportive the teams parents are all of them😊

  3. Wow, I just watched this game from New Zealand 🇳🇿🇨🇰. It was amazing! Both teams were brilliant and that goal keeper was good. Goal scoring was good too! Such a positive game and great coaching! Thanks for sharing from NZL 🇳🇿👏🏾💯🔥♥️🇺🇸vs🇳🇱-bravo girls!,👸🏾👸🏾♥️

  4. That was not a hand ball both her arms where down

  5. The reason why are they having such a hard time was because they were all bunched up if they would’ve been separated, and they were in one person would’ve passed well the other person in was open they could’ve scored but I’m a goaly myslef and dang that was pretty good blocking goaly

  6. I’m in U13 and this weekend it our last soccer game, last game someone tried to slide tackle me but hit my leg

  7. Marcela has the heart of a true champion. Took a hit to the face and kept playing. Good games Cuties!!!

  8. good job cuties! you dont win everything that's okay! beat em next time

  9. good game Cuties and good luck next time

    coach i want ask you please: what is this tournament? i mean did it a world cup for U7? or just freindly tournament?

  10. great to see these kids getting out of their wheel chairs to play, their legs were wiggling a bit but good for wheelchair people

  11. My girls are about to start soccer for the first time so here retaining knowledge and sending them these videos

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