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Best PC Games for GIRLS | TOP10 Girls PC Games

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Want to know what female streamers play in 2020?
While girl gamers do play a wide variety of video games that many wouldn’t consider to be the stereotypical girls’ games such as Call of Duty, Battlefront, and Halo, there are undoubtedly some titles that have attracted a predominantly female fan base more than others.

Sometimes such games are popular because of a connection to a hit girl’s TV series or are based on a fun activity that is traditionally popular with girls. Other times, girl gamers like these video games because they feature strong female characters that they can either relate to or aspire to be like.

The types of video games that girls like nowadays is just as varied the types of titles that boys like but here are 10 pc games that tend to get the most praise from this demographic and would make a great gift to any female friend, family member, or gamer in your life.

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  1. Ummmm why I'm playing these games A boy shouldn't play GIRLS games. So this means I'm not a real man-,-?

  2. 🌸𝓟𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓮𝓼𝓼 𝓑𝓻𝓲𝓪𝓻𝓪🌸 says:

    new female pc gamer here and tysm!

  3. aside from maybe Life is strange , literally every other game in this list are also being played by male gamers too lol

  4. You should had cooking mama on that top 10

  5. That list is remarkable, i will send it to my 11 years old nephew girl. But… Blizzard, black female, soldier XDDD Its whitening themselves, as f**k. GJ Microsoft, help our legend ;(((

  6. I'm just trying to find a game for me and my girlfriend she's played games like Gris, vr chat and Minecraft but I can't find much else and something we can play together would be fun

  7. These are more like game for kids rather than girls

  8. My ex bought the first game for me :))) and I played that game once then quit. This is not about gender, it’s abt what kind of game you like?

  9. Who else is here because their boyfriend won’t stop playing Final Fantasy?

  10. I Iike the game in love scenery kdrama

  11. Ever tried searching for "games like Life Is Strange" only to find there are NONE, not even the other LIS games really recreate the thrill of the original?

  12. Honestly I like shooting games better I feel like it doesn’t have anything to do with gender like anyone can like any game but this was a nice vid

  13. I played all 3 Life is strange..
    And its one of the bestest game ever.

  14. The first one reminds me of Rayman? idk why, I think they have similar graphics and layout

  15. Thankyou!! Im not thr best at cod pt anythj g yet so i wanted a game i can actually play especially because i sold my switch. Thankss

  16. Life is strange looks like the type of game I was looking for 🙂

  17. when ur not a girl but you sitll click on the video

    when ur not even a gender:


    breaths in non-binary

  18. Se non c'è una donna con un bel sedere io non lo gioco…..

  19. Idk about you…I just came here to find a damn Female to play with me

  20. Thank you!💘 all of the videos i have watched is just sniper and guns🤡!

  21. Ay I literally shared up the games and thar on Xbox one

  22. Omg i love it crazy cute fun and yeah thanks for posing the video

  23. NGL but these girl games look boring as heck 😔

  24. you could just name it "cute games" or something, I get your point, but any game is meant for any person D:

  25. shity games excpet tomb raider and horizon zero dawn :/

  26. Thank you for making this video. Here are some more tips:
    1. Sims 2 / Sims 3
    2. Icy Tower (classic ^^)
    3. Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic (for Slavic girls like me)
    4. FlatOut 2 (race and crash cars – also do acrobatics with your driver when she flies out of the car)
    5. Trine 2, Portal 2 or any of the Worms games (if you want a multiplayer for yourself and your boyfriend)
    6. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 or any other except 4 (if you're into difficult but beautiful strategy games – you play with pegasus, unicorn, dragons, fenix etc. there so pretty)
    7. Black Desert (if you are into mmorpgs)

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