Being a girl in game chat - Girl -

Being a girl in game chat – Girl

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You’re a girl.


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  1. Dont judge us, all we've ever wanted was a woman, hearing their voice might be the closest we get, dont be mean.

  2. Played WoW, FFXI and Aion and never ran into this with any of the girls that I played with, and there were a lot of female players. Granted I didn't usually do pick-up groups, so maybe that's the reason nobody acted like asshats.

  3. Back when Sea of Thieves was it's in beta testing, I would tell them I was a girl and my crewmates would immediately vote me into the brig. That happened like five times.
    Now if they ask I have a mic I just type in chat no.

  4. Why are people weird online around girls. Like they are people too morons

  5. I am a guy and I must admit I NEVER pick female character for purpose if there is a choice in a game. In WoW you can choose a model. But for example in Dota gender of heroes are fixed.

  6. Oh man this actually true when a lobby full of guy has 1 girl join in then most of the guy go asking like this

  7. I absolutely love guys like this online and IRL.
    They help other few of us stand out, by doing nothing!

    Keep it up my dudes 👍

  8. as guy with a bit of fem voice sometimes relateable

  9. Real talk: Often "The Girls" can get the privileges like, Donation loot, join clan, support/attention/aid/revive, AFK forgiveness/patience… Even when she speaks, boys just listen. (when do boys ever listen?)
    Disclaimer: This is by no means always the case. often you will have horny jerks that dont know respect, or guys that just do their best to treat all genders equally.
    Conclusion: Girls have a lot of power if they know how to wield it. Most these thirsty guys would do anything at just the sound of a pretty voice without ever seeing the face behind it. Instead of the girl being offended after she inadvertently casts an enchanting spell on the boys just by speaking, she should wield the power she has.

  10. It's sad how accurate this is, funny though

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  12. I play on ff14 as a female toon, pple love my toon and when I told them I'm a guy they got disappointed.

  13. She's 24 – so about 6-8 years older than the guys.

  14. This type of basically harassment is so saddening because I'm an indie game dev who really wants to heavily encourage VC and proximity mic as a main mechanic. I hate that half of our potential player base might very well just be uncomfortable with using chat just because of their gender.

  15. Girls are going to start buying voice modulators to change their voices. LOL

  16. 0:55 a real female player would not want to wear the breast plate of argon. Thus its obvious just a dude playing as a female avatar

  17. just get your step brother to voice for you ez gains

  18. Pretty much. That's usually how it goes. My wife always kept her microphone off for this reason.

  19. lucky me, i have a deep enough natural voice to pass as a guy. unlucky is i don’t own games that need mic, any recommendations?

  20. I don't think that happens in every game, at least on PW most people don't do that.

  21. Depending on game, I would want to know if all party members are guys over the age of 18. Not to boot someone out but I tend to clean up my language around women & children. Just the way I was raised.

  22. Nonsense. I've been playing these games literally since they existed and I have never heard any real reaction to a girl being a girl in voicechat other than the occasional "are you a girl or a kid?" because some people can't tell the difference. The only people i've ever encountered that made a big deal out of a player being a girl are the girls themselves.

  23. Wow. Just came back to this for fun and was a bit shocked. Your videos look so different today. The costumes have evolved so far.

  24. Epiccccc, you guys are pure platinum

  25. Yes this is exactly how it is in team chat when a woman joins it's the most pathetic thing that I have ever seen Don't understand how people can't comprehend that women do play video games.

  26. 95% of woman that play league of legends are just trans

  27. You forget 1 important rule for female gamers. The other gamer that will be rude to her and insult her will be another female gamer.

  28. MMORPG
    Many Men Online, Really Playing Girls.

  29. Hahaha! This is how I met my husband 😀😂

  30. I love the re-write of the leroy jenkins scene and also very sad that's its not been mentioned in the chat at all

  31. That does not happen when you play tabletop. First you know the players. Then you know the avatars.

  32. Had a female guild-master in Warcraft back in the lich king days (how you doing Notlimah, if you're out there!). It was always so great when new members would react to not only her voice, but the voices of the several female members we had. More than a few new recruits were immediately ousted due to initial reactions…

  33. i knew she would have a male voice, but what expecting such a perfect one LOL.

  34. Oh gods, that brings back so many unpleasant memories. shudders

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