Being a girl in game chat - Girl -

Being a girl in game chat – Girl

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You’re a girl.


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  1. Meanwhile, everyone thinks my gf is a 12yo boy.

    So yeah…

  2. Что это за игра где скачать?

  3. yeah i love to play girl goddess in smite game
    but honestly I love this britt she is sooo cute)

  4. YEP- play male avatar and never use mic. Safer that way.

  5. I don't need a mic, I play my way and if people don't like it, T O O B A D 😉

  6. Sodapoppin haha!!! All you need now is Asmongold.

  7. I'm not afraid to say that I prefer to have a female character just because some of the camera angles…. Like the PUBG crawl skit. 😂

  8. I wonder how many gamer girls use a pitch shift software to sound like a dude so they don't have to deal with this nonsense

  9. … oof, i didnt know girls go through all that…. i would have died of cringeness.

  10. I usually don't really care, nor am I that interested, if it is a guy or a girl I play with, with or without mic.

    I am not the most social type of person, though I try my best to respect other's individual spaces, opinions and values, even if sometimes I look like I am being negatively judgemental.

    Though I admit, as a guy, I have the tendency to try to impress girls through indirect means, very few people that I have met, this far in my life, noticed me and enjoy tagging with me in games or just be around.

    Such as much, I also admit I prefer using Mic for better and straight forward communication, I am a slow typer. Or simply, if someone types, I take instant notice and respond, without replying but with actions in game.

    I guess I could say the same thing in my real life. It has become really hard finding and getting to know people, even just casual gamers to play with, due to how I am.

  11. As a guy, if I’m going to spend hours of my life playing a character, why would I want to look at a Male character that whole time if I have the choice to look at a Female character..? Just sayin..

  12. As a gamer girl I agree, I always make my character male

  13. Never met a girl who play male characters if a female is avaiable. Never… in over 25 years of online gaming. And i met a shitton of female gamers

  14. ребята, вы делаете офигенные видео!

  15. Sometimes I say I'm 45 and am on pregnancy leave for my 3rd child. Unfortunately, it almost never works.

  16. Epic NPC theme is my favorite part of these vids xD

  17. I have seen this soooo much. Usually I just DM them the names of other female players that I've played with so that they don't have to be around the assholes.

  18. Or when you are young with terrible mic people mistake you for a girl

  19. One year ago in a usual CSGO match we had a girl in our team. 3 guys acted exactly as in the video – like they first time met a girl. I acted – I did not act, talked with her exactly as she was a male – strictly about match. 10 min later she said I'm the only adequate person and guys started blaming me in simping. While all that time they were simping. That's so weird: I made a good opinion about me by doing literally nothing special…

  20. I think we don't appreciate the genius thumbnail of this video enough

  21. Random girl: joins our server
    My friends: Respect Wamen!

  22. I remember playing a female spartan in halo with no mic and immediately someone said in chat yo there's a girl. I felt so embarrassed then they were like ay yo you got a mic and thats when I dipped.

  23. Is the dude with the ponytail the bad guy from AFK?

  24. Girl in a multiplayer game … Speaks on mic
    Every boy gamer within the reach of internet :-
    Allow us to introduce ourselves

  25. I let a friend of mine play WoW once… he tried to flirt with every female character that went by… of course he does that in real life too. (I did tell him they were probably all guys)

  26. it always a guy using female characters hahahahah

  27. If your a man and this happens:
    1. If they flirt with you flirt with them because you have a girl skin with a voice changer if not idk
    2. Moan in the mic
    3. FaceTime and then
    4. They get catfished


  29. I despise the damn mic for this reason. I always type mine is broken.

  30. its a good day for fishing aint it, heh heh

  31. Yeah it would suck to have the opposite sex interested in you.

  32. I really don't understand how in ffxiv the split is pretty high 50/50, but like all other games are like 90/10 or something.

  33. Hmm, female gamers should just respond with "how big is your dick?". "Did you count your pubic hairs"?

  34. Acertou em cheio(mas vcs tem sorte de serem americanos,aqui no brasil acontece bem mais isso do que ai)

  35. False, a woman would never play a male character.

  36. Ladies you ever been in one of those chats where you start the game and they all just start typing “GIRL” in chat

  37. Vanya was getting good mileage out of that Jacket.

  38. Judging from a majority of the comments here, am I one of the few who just looked at this as funny?

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