Basketball U21 Girls Match - Kerala Vs Punjab | Khelo India Youth Games 2020 -

Basketball U21 Girls Match – Kerala Vs Punjab | Khelo India Youth Games 2020

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Basketball U21 Girls Group B Match between Kerala and Punjab at Khelo India Youth Games 2020


  1. More like punjab vs shrikala rani 🤣🤣🤣

  2. It was a game between Tandoori chicken and Fish curry.

  3. their game sucks , even boys not up to level, its become elite sports. Only when you reach basket ball to every part of life you will see the change. Otherwise this game level sucks !

  4. They look like they need a real coach to learn how to play normally

  5. disgrace… 9:27 "maharastra will inbound"… such respect for the game by commentator's

  6. Just miss ! I appreciate both sides especially the defense of Kerala girls great work

  7. Seriously?? this is at National level.😶😂😂😂😂

    I mean no offense but still

  8. Shree Kala such amazing player.👌👌👌

  9. all are low skilled palyers . Only God know how they are playing a national match with such low skills

  10. Punjab point guard is just too damn good , dimes non stop

  11. Punjab girls are not passing ….playing selfish

  12. My name is Harsimran Kaur from punjab nd I am taking training of basketball and play for punjab

  13. Tamilnadu:chess power house
    Andra pradesh:badminton
    North east:boxing,judo,weightlifting
    Punjab: hockey.
    If something new please add in comment.

  14. Excellent game. Surprised to see so much talent in India. Commentators are doing excellent job in explaining the detailed rules during the game. We should promote this more.

  15. Nail biter throughout the game. Keep it up. Kudos to both team players.

  16. great to see my favorite sport gaining skilled young players in my mother land. but honestly the referees need some training…i saw a lot of bad foul calls and some missed calls also like traveling.

  17. the commentator said chakka for basket,how prevalent cricket is amongst us!

  18. In international basketball india I would like to see Sreekala on playing.. M

  19. What a superb match… Our girls are extra ordinary… International level match….

  20. Love to Kerla and Punjab from ur backward sister Bihar

  21. "हमारी छोरीभी क्या इन छोरोसे कम हें के .."

  22. Khelo India is the competition our Indian sports has been waiting for ages. The greatest push from Modi government!!!

  23. 兩隊組織力幾好, 節奏快, 勁過好多男仔, 好睇

  24. Mr. Commentator please learn to pronounce the state name properly. It's not Kerala it's Kerala

  25. The timid Kerala girl cost her the game, simple as that

  26. I got cancer watching this all of them suck LOL

  27. Wow kerala team is better than punjab. Even though they lost they are a good team.

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