Apps To Download When Your Bored *~😐 ⛅️ ~* -

Apps To Download When Your Bored *~😐 ⛅️ ~*

Olaaneese Saenz
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—Why I haven’t been posting —

After a few years of actively sharing my content on YouTube, I decided to take a break from it. I found that the process of creating videos was too stressful and disruptive to my daily life. Additionally, it was often difficult to come up with new ideas for videos that were both interesting and meaningful. Finally, it was hard to remain consistent in terms of posting frequency and content quality. But now I’m starting to feel how fun and amazing it is to film again 🙂 so here I am again with a new idea and a fresh start !!

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Q & A ^o^

✰ How old are you – I’m 13 🙂
✰ what grade are you in – 8th grade !
✰ what camera do you use ? – Sony ZV-1F
✰ What’s your Roblox username- Tumble1089

✲ S u b- c o u n t – – 43, 407 pookies

disclaimer 𖤐 𓍯☠️

i do NOT own any of this music in this video, all credits goes to their rightful owner


  1. Omg it scared me when u opened the case I thought it was my iPad bc we have the same case

  2. Uhh hey y'all I can't find the eggs one how to find it?

  3. Pocket World 3D was my childhood I remember playing it in Ramadan
    I literally have a clear memory of it
    downloading it again!!!

  4. Also "cats&soups " and "Boba story" are really fun aesthetic

  5. For the 'Eggs' app,is it only available for ios? If not,could you possibly send some sort of link for me to find it? Thanks!

  6. I played hello neigbhour i got jump scare i cant but i want to play 💀

  7. It's a very good video for people who like some sort of chill games and a pretty soft person over all its a 10/10

  8. Hey new to ur channel can I ask how did u do guidelines for this channel?

  9. What is the game name? I want to get it!

  10. Me when im bored:
    Make stickers
    Play with dog
    Society is WW3 chanting
    Then i get tired of being productive and play roblox

  11. Thank you so much for this!! Now I’ll never get bored 💗💗

  12. Thanks for putting hello neibor in the list… It was a childhood game❤️

  13. i don’t have 5he game egg i’m on ios 😭

  14. Pizza! IS SUCH A GOOD GAME!! It passes time and isn't boring ( well, my opinion ) and i always go out to climb the tree I my front yard and play it there so nobody can bother me

  15. My strorage: we can do that but please delete everything!

  16. U asked for 50 subs u ended ul w 44.1ksubs best of luck :)(:

  17. Definitely downloading the last 3! Tysm!!

  18. i love pizza (𝙇𝙄𝙇𝙇𝙔𝘾𝘼𝙏) says:

    I actually have aesthetic games u might like (they are offline)
    Kuma sushi bar – hyperbeard : it's an idle game about u "the kuma" wanting to hold the sushi bar of ur grandpa/dad bc he is a grown up and he can't hold the tiredness, the sushi bar is dirty and broken, by time u spend cash to clean and fix/unlock new places.

    Clawbert – hyperbeard : clawbert is a lonely claw, open gachapons and find his friends inside them
    Clawberta – hyperbeard : clawberta is clawbert's new friends, she opens gachapons to explore about weird/cool/cute creatures

    Mochicats collection – sanctum : just take care, poke, pet, hold, play, with some cats made of mochi, and more cute activities for every soothing day

    Cats are cute – kkīrru studios "spelled wrong?" – ur a human in a city of allll cats, no human except for u, take care of more more cats, do activities and take pictures and make memories

    Boba story – honey b : u made a Boba for ur self, the mascot joji wanted to taste it, he did.. He felt ur the chosen one.. The chosen to bring life again for the Boba shop, u make Boba and buy items to boost ur Boba, also decorate and unlock.

    Sweet sins 2 – Platonic games : in musicalia everybody loved music, the princess of silence cursed the music princess and they ruined the rhythm of music, the magical girls of musicalia with some help of the miimos fights for the rhyme of music, unlock new songs (Japanese+english+no words)

    All I have for now, Bye!!!

  19. Ohhh!!!! I think kkkkkkk 8/10😅😅🥰🥰🥰🥰the eggs are cute?!

  20. Wait but isnt hello neighbour for money
    U said all are free to download….

  21. Uhh… do I fit here? Cuz I sleep when
    I 'm bored


  23. Or u can download this game its really fun you should try it out anyway The game is called Boba story ITS REALLY FUN

  24. Cristiano Ronaldo. Former name was fredders says:

    Back in my day we used our hands not pens or whatever

  25. New video up!!!!!!! AHHH LOVE U ALL MUAHHH

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