All Girls Clothes Ripped Off Compilation in KOF Games -

All Girls Clothes Ripped Off Compilation in KOF Games

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This video showcases all the female King of Fighters (KOF) characters having their clothes coming off after being defeated with a special attack. The featured games are KOF 95, Fatal Fury, KOF 13, KOF 14 and KOF Wing. And yes I used Iori cuz I can’t think of a better thot slayer lmao
The footage are recorded by myself with some clips from しろしろGameTV

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  1. まぁよく戦闘シーンで着衣に影響ないの?

  2. Why is the newer game toned down so much? Will KOF XV have this at all?

  3. Iori: Here's a Touchin' Story Once upon a time I beat the girls then their clothes got ripped and I live happily ever after….The end

  4. KOFのキャラクターじゃない奴おってワロタ

  5. What ever the kof devs are on I need to take it form them

  6. The girl getting their clothes ripped out
    Iori just laughing at them like hahahahahaha

  7. What KoF game is Hakafu in? Or is this just a mugen mod?

  8. 10/10 for not censoring! heck yeah! but i that out of bounds with Mary win….ugh. keep up the good work fam! FGC FOR LIFE!

  9. I hope when the men are knocked out, they will also be undressed hehe. for fair.😂

  10. 0:35 You said… BITES THE DUST?? THIS IS A FUKING JOJOREFERENCE or not who knows just the song BITES you really dust

  11. this is pervert gosh no way 🤣😘 🤭😜😜

  12. Iori being a Man of culture for 8 straight minutes

  13. Its just girl or man can ripped off too.?

  14. Ah Men of Culture. We've all gathered here.

  15. bro wtf this is disgusting I don't even watch shit like this why tf is this on my recommended

    clicks on it

  16. Iori in a nutshell:

    -Beats your ass
    -Rips your clothes
    -Laughs Menacingly

  17. Qwelp. Time to waste money buying cloth for girls 😑

  18. Another young one bit3s za dusto

  19. They need to add

    Miu kurosaki
    jun kagami
    Moe habana

    From the kof ex series.

  20. Pretty sure these clips are recorded from m.u.g.e.n.

  21. Carajo
    Compren ropa de menor calidad
    Como así que un golpe y la tela se rompió

  22. I like it how king is like the most preffered riped clothes

  23. Mierda… Si que el kof estaria cancelado por los monos misandricas

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