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After Dark Games – Hula Girl

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I’ve been getting a lot of requests to show the other games in the “After Dark Games” suite, so here’s the first one : Hula Girl. You take control of Hula Girl with the simple task of going down an endless stream of platforms, while avoiding going off-screen and collecting various items. Some items are good and some are bad : the broccoli, the spiders and the frogs will drain your “yuckometer” on the left – if it runs out you lose a life indicated by the hula hoops right above it. Another thing you’ll want to avoid is Hula Girl’s sister who will take away an entire life upon contact. You can refill the “yuckometer” by collecting milk shakes, ice creams and cupcakes and you can replace a lost life by collecting a hula hoop – you can’t have more than 3 though. So aside from a low “yuckometer” and by contact with your evil sister, another way of losing a life is by falling off the bottom or the sides of the screen, or by getting caught at the top of the screen as it scrolls away. I forgot to mention that the screen scrolls downwards continuously and the speed increases as the game progresses. Once you’ve lost all three hula hoops, any of the above death-situations will result in a “game over”. There’s no way to actually “win” the game – the game never ends and there’s no goal other than to get a high score, which is calculated in platforms. Every platform you land on one it counts as one point. The platforms are the only thing that add up to your score for that matter – none of the other items, good or bad, change your score. Speaking of platforms, some of them will react when you land on them: the ice platforms will slow you down when trying to move left or right, the red and white candy-cane platforms will move you horizontally until you fall off and the yellow ones will flip open shortly after landing on them, causing you to fall off. The game is tiring to say the least: just keep going down from platform to platform while avoiding getting caught at the top of the screen…nothing special – no weapons, no level advancement, nothing. One thing I can guarantee after playing this game long enough is that your eyesight will be scrolling upwards against your own will, because of the way the screen constantly moves before your eyes. The music is another thing that adds up to the fatigue factor: you only get one track that plays over and over and with no special melody, so this game can really cause a headache ! I advise you not to play it for more than 10 minutes ! It’s most fun taking turns with a friend to see who can get the most platforms (while one rests his eyes from all that scrolling, the other one is getting dizzy trying to beat their score). Bottom line, this one is mediocre. While it is a little time killer that will hold your interest for a while, especially if it’s your first time playing After Dark Games, it doesn’t take long to get extremely monotonous.


  1. I remember playing this game on my uncle’s laptop when I was a little kid. I always felt like it was random but I used to play it for hours lol

  2. No Joke, I would play this game for a long time. And as soon as I stopped playing when I looked at my walls they looked like they were melting. It was the coolest thing when I was little.

  3. I have the disc for after dark games but I cannot get it on my Android phone.

  4. I remember playing this! This was the only game I enjoyed as I was so good at it. Not even my sister could beat me. I can’t remember my highest score though 🙁

  5. The desserts look just as good as remembered lol

  6. You, sir, are amazing. I've never seen it get that fast before.

  7. Man, you played this game better than I played when I was a kid. I actually thought whenever I land on the girl, sticking her tongue, I thought I get points, but NO, I lose points and the game.

  8. I was a pro at this game! I miss my childhood. 🙁

  9. I was pro at this game when I was kid. I really miss my childhood!!! Toaster Run were my favourite game!

  10. OMG…!!! I loved this game…!!! I haven't played in YEARS.. My mom would always yell at me to get off of the computer.. Lol.. This one and Bad Dog 911 were my favorite.. Where can I download or buy it from…?? Or even just play…?? I want it…!!!

  11. post your records:
    mine: 1346 I still remember

  12. After Dark games. Man, the memories are just flooding back.

  13. I remember this! This, the toaster game, and the lawn mower? Lol

  14. Brings back memories… i miss my childhood 🙁

  15. I LOVED this game. Got it when I was about 9 or 10, I used to love Hula Girl, Toaster Run and the lawn mowing one. The music to this one took me right back! I'm off to find a download for it right now, even though it's like 2am haha, I have to play it!

  16. I played this and other After Dark games so much when I was a kid

  17. They should’ve released a soundtrack for this game because the theme for hula girl is freakin catchy

  18. The beginner games for gamers. I was a pro at most of these. Other than the fish and bad dog games cus i couldnt spell very well yet, or know a lot words. But i learned a lot of trivia from Zapper.

  19. I used to play this game when I was with my mom at her work when I was like 6 lol

  20. Dang I was playing this game back in 1999 classic 🔥💯

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