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Abusing your femininity – Just A Girl

Viva La Dirt League
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This is a helpless girl who has never played this game before


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  1. They missed the reveal that the character is played by an old guy.

  2. It's not only gaming, this is how men are irl too. Simps…

  3. actually this is why there are so many guys playing girl character on mmorpg

  4. It's funny because the girl has no moral sense.

  5. Im sure her new suit and weapon is for level 1-5 only cause if its a mid-level items she cannot wear it yet.

  6. New to game & getting high end gear (presumably) handouts. Reminds me of the days of Diablo 1…D2 wasn't even announced…items like Plate of the Whale, a couple rings I can't remember, weapons, etc, all duped of course. Your level 1 could take on the mid-grade dungeons. At least the Warrior//Rogues could. The Sorcerer got some survivability but would spend quite a bit of time duping books to level up spells.

  7. Actually moat of the proplayer are excited to teach noob how to play the game better disregard of whay they have in their pant…it just that most of the girls play noob or below noob level…some rare are really good though.

  8. And she still comes up ahead if she earned 78% doing part-time questing.
    And all that free gold? Not on record anywhere. And tax free 😉

  9. would be funny if someone reenact this in real life

  10. And there is me, whom avoids mentioning my gender at all costs and just goes to do ALL the quests… usually solo… because I can't stand these kinds of females. And before anyone tries to get at me, I know it's a skit and meant to be a joke, just reminding people that not all of us are like this, the same way you guys like to say "not all males" when we start sharing our stories about crappy guy behavior….

  11. she forgot to say at the end "shoutout to my FriEnDs who helped me with gold and armor"

  12. Guy drummer doing magic on his drums – 1265 views Hot chick doing meh stuff on drums – 53407894358745 – views

  13. I love how in these videos the npcs are always the only normal human beeing.

  14. Sad but true, that's why I used the best build on MMOs: big boobs bikini armor 😂

  15. can you imagine an MMO where gear worth having could be bought for in game gold?

  16. Its sad many pathetic guys really simp this hard

  17. It's stupid bitches that are like that, that make it hard for the very few good Women out there to be respected.

  18. Боже, як життєво.

  19. abusing femininity? oh you mean cultivating simps…?

  20. I did the same in Yu Gi Oh online of Konami! I created a female character and I asked help with free cards and many boys helped me, until slowly I became powerful and top player! ahahahahahahhahaha

  21. 'Twas ever thus, yet lasts but a season

  22. Someone's been taking lessons from Gaea…

  23. Did anyone happen to count all the gold she received? Cause it looks like it was in the millions

  24. This is so typical… happens to every single game… males…

  25. Maybe I should try this instead of actually grinding my butt off in game. 🤣

  26. Memories of doing this in RuneScape 😂😂😂
    Young me was an asshole haha

  27. This is less a game thing, and more a stereotype about women. Boo!

  28. Just look at all the sexist bs you've incited in the comments.

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