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90s Tamil vs Mallu Girl games which one is better?

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In this video, we compare the 1990s Tamil vs Mallu Girl games and talk about which one is better. We play a few games and discuss which one is the best in terms of gameplay and graphics.

If you’re a fan of 90s Tamil and Mallu Girl games, then be sure to check out this video! We’ll compare the two games and discuss which one is the better experience overall. Maybe you’ll choose the 1990s Tamil game over the Mallu Girl game!
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  1. Tik tik…yarathu.?—-Thirudan
    Enna vendum?—–nagai vendum
    Enna nagai?—-colour nagai
    Enna colour?—–pacha colour
    Enna pacha?—-ma pacha
    Enna ma?—-teacher amma
    Enna teacher?—-kanakku teacher
    Enna kanakku?—veetu kanakku
    Enna veedu?—–maadi veedu
    Enna maadi ?—-motta maadi
    Enna motta?—palani motta
    Enna palani?—-vada palani
    Enna vada?—aama vada
    Enna aama?—-kulathu aama
    Enna kulam?—-thiri kulam
    Enna thiri?—–vilaku thiri
    Enna vilaku?—-kuthu vilakku
    Enna kuthu?—–gumma kuthu👊🤛🤜😁😉😉😉😉

    Marakkamudiyaatha ninaivugal…..entrum 90's kids saarbaha …..MUTHURAJ🥰

  2. You are not 90's kid, still you are an un grown kid. Always in idiotic program, your dress sense 😆😆😆, it shows you can never grow…

  3. நானும் தனிமையும் says:

    இது என்ன elawu.. 🤔🤔

  4. Played two games …
    From kanyakumari

  5. அச்சு,குஞ்சு,குத்தாலம்,கோலம், டமார்,வெடி, பால்,பசு,குசு💨💨💨💨

  6. Mole of the fore head more attractive diya. But Patti kadichuuu

  7. Ithula shalini oda expressionum nice,super, but diya oda smilethan 😍😍😍 ,romba nalla iruku diya oda voice & smile, speech, angel mathiri irukkanga diya, enna thoonga vidala diya my dreamla

  8. Sooooooo sweet 😋 😍 ❤️

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