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13 Scariest Ghost Girl Encounters in Video Games

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In this video we look at 13 scary ghost girls found in video games. Ghost encounters are some of the most commonly used tropes in the horror genre. Videogames have also frequently used ghost encounters to scare players over the years and more specifically ghost girl encounters. Ghost girls became popular horror icons with movies such as the Ring and the Grudge and now many games use them as a terrifying enemy type. In this video we look at 13 of the Scariest Ghost Girls found in video games. So sit back, relax and prepare to get spooked out as we delve into another horror game run down.

Games used in this video: FEAR, Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion, Dark Deception, Home Sweet Home, Fatal Frame 2, Silent Hill 4, Lost in Vivo, Ju On: The Grudge, Dreadout, Bongcheon-Dong Ghost, Pacify, White Day, P.T.

You’ve been watching SuperHorrorBro Mike and this was a look at the 13 scariest ghost girls in video games. If you enjoyed this video remember to like, comment and subscribe for more horror related content.

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  1. I was surprised the broken neck woman was chosen from Fatal Frame series, as for me there were many much scaries ghosts in all four (havent played 5th) games. I remember being scared shitless of the woman in box, terrified to go to that room every time! The needle women from 3rd game were horrifying as well. Fatal Frame series is full of scary and clever ghost designs<3

  2. Henry was like why cant ghost be cool. I even tried to help

  3. Dark corridor 2 have some scary ghost girls 😱

  4. You know I like games with button moments (do you know where you got a push about then when it tells you to

  5. I know male ghosts are not as scary as female ghosts. But can you make a video of the scariest ghost boy in horror games plzzzz.

    Also Me:Are ghost boys a thing?

  6. Me:watches this video
    Video:Alma (F.E.A.R)
    Me: there can be only one alma in this universe

  7. Agatha is not scary or creepy she got burned but I forgot how she's pretty 😌 I love that game dark deception

  8. I challenged myself not to get scared but heck! It's impossible!

  9. SuperhorrorBro:Demi lo-rong
    Me:*laugh in Indonesia accent

  10. I played that grudge game and I never finished it because I got very scared

  11. Imagine if Agatha was in a very scary horror game

  12. a coinicindence
    colette from brawl stars sounds simular to the girl in dark deception and the voice actors are bolth named katie but its a diffrent person

  13. im not scared from ghost girls but i got jumpscared by a sock bear

  14. ah yes lisa the rarest piggy skin with only 1 in the world having it IKEAs im not joking

  15. Me Hoping That Eveline From RE7 Is In The Vid Like:

    Edit: Ok I Know She Isnt a Ghost But Stil She Scary AF

  16. I love the girl in Pacify, just wish they give more of a background to her then just what you read from all the pages around the home

  17. I’m surprised Sachiko Shinozaki didn’t make the list

  18. the falling woman scared the crap out of me every time I walked in that room ha ha

  19. I feel like this needs to be updated. The old woman and the little girl in Visage are pure nightmare fuel

  20. Ehh, the Falling Lady from Fatal Frame II starts off scary, but gets goofy real quick because she stays to do that falling and screaming thing multiple times lol

    Also, you pronouncing Kayako's name wrong is super cringe 😕

  21. 2:29 wait that picture on the wall it looks- HOLY SHEET TEMMIE!? GORL WHAT HAPPEND TO YOU-

  22. Pretty simple why women and children are often used ghosts. In real life they are neither scary or a threat to a man without a weapon at least so making them look weak as hell, yet untouchable and inhumanly strong is the fuel of nightmares.

  23. For me girl ghosts are creepier to me then boy ghosts

  24. These ladies should make the “13 Ghosts” film 😂

  25. Fatal Frame I think the broken neck lady in 1 is close to the falling lady in 2.

  26. 4:18 That cursed girl in HOME SWEET HOME Is Belle: Death by Cursed Nails. Melee Weapon: A boxcutter

  27. Hahaha great prank bro, but now that I finished the video can you call your friend and tell her she can leave? I closed the curtains but she's real committed to the bit. Also how did you get my address.

  28. Was surprised the Go Home ghost isn't in the list. It's honestly terrifying and nerve-wracking.

  29. The story on fear is wrong, she did not die as a child. The child is a personification of her inner good. She was put in a coma but she was allowed to grow up because she was forced to give birth to a child that was taken away from her. That was part of her rage. THEN she was terminated because she kept trying to kill people with her powers to get her child back.

  30. 9:38 pretty good pronunciation of Demit Lorong.
    9:48 demit means "ghost" and lorong means "tunnel" or, in this case, "corridor", so it should be (or should've been) "demit catches up with us"
    Anyway, great video, might check out some of the games.

  31. 10:18 ah shit, I remember seeing that the first time. They said that it's a good horror manhwa to read, one of the reasons why I have trust issues, along with the game "The Maze".

  32. Why ghost girls girls can be scary enough alive now imagine them as ghost

  33. i would love a fatal frame remake that would be absolutely terrifying

  34. Also, If anyone has played the moble game Eyes

  35. Hmmmmmmmmmm scary af

    But I played games more scary than this list though

  36. I love that Agatha is on the list. She really scared me a lot in the first encounter.

  37. ghosts in horror games: kills like 10 people
    fps game maincharacters:
    farcry mcs: shoots an entire city worth of people
    master chief: ends multiple species from different worlds
    doom guy: murdered every demon in his universe

  38. I know I’m tardy to the party, but I’m so glad one of the Fatale Frames made it to a scary games list. Those games freaked me out and I never finished either. Far scarier to run around with a camera vs a weapon!

  39. 12:16 haha, would you think he would be playing the game year after

  40. I was thinking of that girl from "The Calling", she may not be entirely creepy just like Alma, but there is something with her that is extremely unsettling yet depressing.

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