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10 Games Guaranteed To Get Your GIRL Into Gaming!

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This video will go over 10 games that will guarantee your girlfriend or wife get into gaming! These games are easy to get into and some offer great story while some are just plain fun!


  1. I got into borderlands and hands down it’s the only game I’d wanna play again, as long as my bf backs me up 😭

  2. I can't believe it, Stardew Valley is not available in Singapore! 🙁

  3. I thought the title says games to get a girl/girlfriend/find a girlfriend in games
    Then I read it again and realised 😢

  4. Luckily for my husband I already liked gaming before I met him

  5. I'm considering buying my first ever console and Zelda, Mario Kart and Animal Crossing are the games I'm most drawn to. Since I don't have pretty much any gaming experience I like games that are visually pleasing and that have enough breathing space to really learn the mechanics. Or something I can play with someone who can help me get better.

  6. I’ll probably just end up messing around with the portal gun to introduce her to the mechanics of the game and maybe will try to beat through the story but I have a hard time not immediately solving the puzzles from memory or figuring it out really quickly so I’m probably gonna need to see what she thinks

  7. Wow my names kai and my middle name starts w g. Cool.

  8. she tried these games and then she broke up with me . thanks guys

  9. Pokemon has terrible console games for anyone under like 8 years old

  10. I’m soo into gaming I’m thinking of telling her “if you can’t get into games I dotn r hi k this could be a long term relationship”

  11. Proof that males do not know at all females…

  12. Shit mb g shoulda watched ur vid before forced my girl to play elden ring and league she completely failed now she has an existential crisis lol

  13. Stray ❤❤❤ my girl loves it

    It takes two (but it's very difficult)

  14. One thing I’ve been trying to do with my girlfriend is get her to understand my view of gaming and how I can zone out for hours on Skyrim or fallout but I haven’t really had enough time to sit down and have a proper gaming session with her like I’ve made plans to play Mortal Kombat with her, but I’ve always wanted her to be part of the single player adventure like tell me where to go and what to do and I’ll ask her things if I should do things because it’s always fun playing a game through someone else, even though they lack the skills to operate the controls because learning the game is the first 12 hours of playing any game but I have over 300 hours in Skyrim so I know what did you already but she’s a casual gamer who is barely played games casually but I have been playing the walking dead telltale game with her and she seems to be really interested in that and same with goat simulator but I want to get her involved with the RPG part of things I’ve been considering playing Sims four with her, but she doesn’t know much about the Simpson. I don’t know much either. It’s hard to teach when you’ve only have like a collective of 20 hours. But then, when you have over 300 hours it’s extremely hard to know what a new player understands when you have spent a large chunk of your time playing the game and understanding the Laurent mechanics and how the game operates but I think playing Mortal Kombat and castle crashers would be a good start in Minecraft too because she’s a casual Minecraft player but hasn’t got any other treatment so maybe I could run through the Minecraft basics and teach her how to survive

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