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✂Girls Hair Salon – ✂ Best hair salon game!

Pazu Games
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Girls Hair Salon is a fun and interactive game from developers PAZU Games. Now you can own your own hair salon where you can color, cut, and dress your very own animated models! Become the fashion stylist you’ve always wanted to be and redesign your model exactly how you wish. Girls Hair Salon is full of interactive features and innovative tools to help you become the hairstylist you’ve always dreamed of. Here’s how!
Choose your own model!
Girls Hair Salon lets you choose 1 girl from a selection of 6 (2 of them are free with the app and 4 others are available with in app purchase). Once you’ve chosen the perfect model for your salon, you can then go and choose from a virtually endless amount of style making tools. From blow dryers, curling irons, to accessories, this game lets you do everything you’ve ever wanted with just a click of a button.
Cut, Style, and Dress!
Each model in the selection is in desperate need of your help! Help them out by dressing them, adjusting their hair color, adding style to their look, and by giving them a complete makeover. Girls Hair Salon gives you an endless assortment of tools to choose from without any need to slow down! You can take models from boring to amazing in just a few short steps. Not to mention the fact that the app supplies you with hours upon hours of fun. You can make your model turn into a work of art with this incredibly fun app!
You will be amazed at the selection of tools available to redesign and cut your model’s hair the way you like. Girls will absolutely love this game! Start playing this entertaining, exciting, and addicting game today and become a hairstylist!

Features :
* 6 different characters
* Dozens of different appliances make for countless monsters!
* Colorful and unique artwork
* Easy and fluid interface that is designed especially for kids

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Girls Hair Salon Snow
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  3. I played this game before I even got my own iPad

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